Highsec Capital Ships AND ISK Sinks

As a wealthy player and a very long term player I have always dreamed about flying a capitalship in HS space. As their is fleets of tens of thousands of capitals floating around null space and MASSIVE ammounts of cash in both alliances and players hands I have thought of this as a solution.

Make capital ships enter highsec space by cynos or gates and make it as costly as possable.

Jump gates - 50m isk per gate
Cyno - 200m
100m every 20 mins of flight

Having these restrictions will make using a capital ship to defend/attack a citidel a hefty cost to the player and having it coming out of the players personal none corp setting means the player has a timer to act, removes the potential isk from mission running in the thing and lowers the chances of them afking on a gate camp.

These ships are as common as cruisers and cost less than a t2 battleship “marauders to carrier prices” and that to me is quite comical when you compair the stats…

Forgot to mention that if the pilot dosent have enough isk to cover the costs of the 100m every 20 mins of being undocked then concord removes his ship.

This is to me a very good way to remove massive amounts of isk and capitals which are as others have said very common.


If highsec is anything, it is the place newer, more casual, smaller groups, and solo players have a chance. One can say they are always at a disadvantage but to unleash capitals for rich veterans and larger groups to use to dominate them does seem problematic.

Maybe it could be done, but balancing it based on ISK doesn’t seem the best way to do it.


You have only mentioned two reasons to have those in HS:

Citadels and ISK sinks. I don’t think its solid reasons to allow combat caps in HS.

imagin you bring a fleet of 10 dudes 5 jumps while the op lasts 3 hours then they all cyno back home to a hs station… thats 2.5b for them 5 jumps then 9b for them all to be their for 3 hours then 2b to come home… your telling me people would pay that much per fleet of JUST 10 dudes? with the constant chance 1 forgets to have the isk and gets instantly concorded during the fight?

My thought is that instead of providing HS access to caps, provide more and better ways to take them out. The rise in cap destruction =/= the rise in their proliferation. That is the heart of the problem.

Other then that, there is jsut too much potential for griefing, even if you disable all modules on caps, their tank alone is too much to be ganked before concord, and you can grief the hell out of everyone by simply parking them at gates and bumping.

So no, I don’t want them in HS, many of us left NS in part and many people primarily due to the cap spam. No need for it to be in the last place in the game that doesn’t have it.

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what everyone forgets is that weapons can be locked.
dont allow them to dock unless its a citadel = more citadel usage which the timers are changing some
but you still have it rather safe to cyno out of empire and do a low close null rumble than jump back so theres that safety downside.

Or you can just fly to Amarr and occasionally spot a rare player-flown Dreadnought. It’s a long story but overall this ship is prohibited by CCP from engaging in any PvP action or else the owner of that Dreadnought will find his ship magically moved to the nearest low-sec system with a station. He is allowed to just fly around, look pretty and mine asteroid belts (although very bad at being miners) which is why it’s sometimes referred to as the Veldnought because it only mines Veldspar in Amarr.

There use to be a time when these ships were allowed to roam in high-sec until CCP did some balance changes that forced almost all such ships to only operate in low-sec space or lower. Any ships left in high-sec are required to remain non-aggressive towards anyone (even their own) or else they get the boot. So far only one such ship remain in high-sec and that means only 1 player has that privilege. You know him as Chribba.

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We don’t really need ISK sinks ATM.

You’re trying to do CCP’s job, “balance the economy.” Don’t. Why not? You’ll suck at it, and it’ll be all over the forums.

You’re proposing some changes that are so ridiculous that even YOU think nobody will pay that much. So either nobody pays, OR, we find some way to make it profitable anyway, and everybody does it. Either it has no effect, or it has a bad effect. You’re asking CCP to put in the effort for “no effect or bad effect.”

Wellp, it’s all over the forums now.

Caps and super caps in high-sec is an awesome idea, should be free to fly though.

While your correct, they would have to be largely disabled in terms of use in highsec. (Only able to travel through highsec, nothing more.) For obvious balance issues.

I`m not sure what the objective is here? Capitals have no real place in highsec as they cannot do anything, therefore, bringing them to a risk free highsec serves no purpose. If they are free to fight then surely the obvious answer is to remove highsec completely. This would both create the isk sink you request (all ships would be totally destroyable at any time) and allow the rich to float around in capital greatness.
Highsec is a reduced risk environment. It seems bizarre that someone with large amounts of isk wants to change the game mechanics to yolo around in a capital with reduced risk.
Grab a cyno char and dread around in lowsec, this is the way to enjoy capitals. Capitals need to be exposed to the maximum risk at all times. There are various reasons for cap proliferations in null which are more to do with sov mechanics than isk. Bringing them to hisec is not an answer.

Caps brought from NS would utterly wreck all HS entities.

The cost you propose is trivial, compared to how much cost HS entities incapable of defending against caps will suffer.

Absolute no from me.

High-sec entities are only at a disadvantage because we can only fly sub caps, lifting that restriction would put the high-sec corps and alliances on a more equal footing with the boys in null and low.


It would mean LS/NS boys would enter HS with caps and blow all your â– â– â– â–  up within a month.

OPs suggestion says nothing about building caps in HS.

The HS boys would have to fight off hundreds of LS/NS caps, with no caps of their own. You dont have a chance.

Seriously why do you even want caps in HS?
You dont need them for HS PvE, and you dont need them for taking out HS Citadels.

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If you can fly it in high-sec you should be able to build it in high-sec goes without saying.

You wouldnt have time to build them.

The very second caps are allowed in HS, LS/NS boys with their thousands of caps will begin blowing up every HS Citadel, and complete the process in less than a month.

HS entities will be completely wiped out, before you produce even a single cap.

After that, neither you or anyone else that doesnt belong to those LS/NS entities will ever be allowed to build a Citadel, let alone a cap, in HS.

Again, wtf do even want caps in HS for?

You dont need them for PvE nor for HS wardecs or Citadel destruction.

Why do you want to fly a cap in HS?


Is he allowed to defend himself from a gank?

This is why Eve is struggling, this is what new players face every day. As a neut as soon as you hit LS/NS or even WH, your the main target everyone is hunting you down. How can CCP bridge the gap with attitudes like this. Its time CCP gave us the tools to fight back from high-sec, taking a subcap fleet into LS/NS means nothing your opponent will drop caps and at that point your fleet is done for. I am also tired of being told high-sec is safe, it is not safe. It never has been, just a different style of play thats been sorely neglected. Now it is time for CCP to help us even the odds.


Your corp description is funny

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