Bring back Capital Ship Production to High Sec, allow Capital Ships in High Sec


Bring back capital ship production to high security space like it was many years ago.

Allow capital ships in High Security Space.

Create more Level 5 Missions that can be done in High Security Space that require capital ships.


Capitals were never allowed in high sec. Due to an error, a small few were built in high sec, but they were all moved out by GMs when the ability was removed in a patch shortly after capitals were added. There were a few notable exceptions, operated in high sec according to specific agreement with CCP (such as the Veldnaught, fit with mining lasers).

So we can’t go back to the way it was many years ago, because the intention for capitals in high sec has been absolutely constant, saving a single bug that was quickly removed.


Not only no, but hell no. Players would use Dreads and Carriers with millions of EHP as haulers to transport high-value goods to market hubs, ungankable by anything less than 100 ships. Players would mine AFK 24/7 in unkillable Rorquals. No thanks…


A Spaceship game, biggest ships, cant go into High Security Space makes zero sense …

Absolutely nothing else needs to be said.

It makes perfect sense (though there are Capitals in highsec).

If you want to use Capitals, you can go to lowsec, nullsec or wormholes.

Plenty of space in the game to use them already.


It’s just a guess, but I’m pretty sure DaOpa is trolling you guys.


All capitals, including orcas and freighters should not be allowed in high sec.

And in fact, level 3 and 4 missions should be moved to low sec.

High sec is low risk, and therefore, low reward.

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