Proposal: Offline capital weapons in low-sec

With growing capital proliferation, it is becoming harder and harder for sub-caps to compete. for people who prefer that playstyle it means its becoming harder to find that type of content.
My proposal, isn’t to ban capitals from low-sec entirely, as that would make logistics and relocating for large fights etc immensely more time consuming, and while 12hr tidi slugfests aren’t the most fun thing to be caught up in, they do make for great publicity, and more destruction is always good.

I suggest, that while capitals should still be allowed to travel through low-sec for move-ops etc. anything that would cause you to gain a weapons timer (also including remote repping) be prohibited, so no weapons, no fighters, no remote reps, no boosts, no ecm, defensive mods only.

If you want to move your capitals through low, you would require a subcap fleet to escort them.

Pros: creates a dedicated sub-cap combat zone, free from capital escalation for people who prefer that type of engagement.
creates extra risk for capitals trying to move through low, potential for more dead capitals.

Cons: low-sec cap campers aren’t gonna like it.
lvl 5 missions can no longer be run with carriers.
low-sec incursion can no longer be run with capitals (do people actually do that? I know its done in null, but i’ll admit i’m not familiar with low-sec incursion mechanics.)
Potentially more difficult to kill supers and titans traveling through low, since you would be limited to sub-caps in order to kill them.

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Go to WH space you won’t ever worry about cynos

I prefer living in null personally, but I can also see the need for a dedicated sub-cap pvp area, low-sec is already well suited for it, with faction warfare being designed almost entirely around sub-caps (and in desperate need of an update, but thats a completely different discussion)

all this does is take that a step further, and also creates a bigger division between low and null. which may encourage more groups to set up there. Currently, you face nearly the exact same risks in low and null, but for considerably less reward, why bother living in low when you can make more isk in npc null for pretty much the exact same amount of effort and risk.

by removing the ability for capitals to fight in low, it makes the risk-reward ratio considerably smoother, want bigger rewards, you can still do npc null, but now you risk capital escallation. if your groups only capable of subcaps, you can stay in low for a while while you build up and not have to worry about getting hot dropped (while still being able to sharpen your claws on pvp)


Yes that’s because there is no need for a cyno they will just warp to you.

I like it, would be nice to have 1 type of space that doesn’t suffer from this cancerous game play.

WH space. No capital blobs

There is tons of capital blobs in wormhole space, try invade someones wormhole and you will see.

Invading someone’s WH vs just trying to get a fight are 2 different things. You would defend your home system with everything you have.

Capitals in low was always a mistake.


That is not a solution to the issues in low.

No matter how many times you post it :rofl:


It isn’t but its an option to get away from them until something appropriate is done. Which I’m not holding my breath on that one.

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