Null Resource Deployment, and danger factors

We should look at shifting the system upgrade system being changed to constellation, and making it spawn ore / ice belts, ratting sites, etc.

This should basically follow some rule sets with conditions like

  • After a site is completed, it will spawn in any system in the constellation except the system it was completed in.
  • The over all number of sites, is reduced.
  • Their re-spawn rates will be very short (<= 3 minutes)
  • A new bonus will be added for site completion on the last tick. This means that completely mining belt, or finishing a site, will grant a bonus of 10-20m isk.
  • All Ore, Ice belts will be significantly reduced in their count, so that they can be mined quickly, and as a result force moment in players.
  • Players in any site will now be directly warp-able via dscan.
  • Lastly, There will now be a Warp alignment bonus/penalty to players based on their skill point values. 10% bonus alignment time for players under 25m, -20% for players over.
  • Ramp up damage rates of sub-bc classes ships.

As always i advocate that isk income is not split, but is limited to a squad (5 player count) to encourage group game play, this should only be granted to on-grid players.

These changes should make being in sites, and moving around more, more dangerous for null life.


This should be something you should look at in your quest to make null more dangerous mainly for older players.

From your own r/eve CSM candidate post:

I have countless hours of being a developer

You should know that many of the suggested changes that you have proposed here are not simple changes, nor do most of them make any sense.

For example:

Goes directly against what CCP’s goal has been for the past year in regards to reducing the ISK faucet created by sites (Combat Anomalies) in nullsec that were being chained by supercapitals. Proposing the respawn time to be “very short” shows that you have no idea what you’re talking about because this goes against the intended goal that CCP has had for last YEAR.

Yet again, CCP has actively sought to reduce the ISK faucet. Adding a bonus ISK payout to completely mining out a belt or “the last tick” would run counter to everything CCP has done so far this year.

Again ,for someone who claims to have FC’d many fleets in nullsec, you should already be aware that these belts can and often do end up getting mined in an organized fashion. Simply saying that they’d bein “signficantly reduced in their count” doesn’t mean anything. What are you saying here?

Significant reduced in their ore content? The amount of asteroids? Total volume of available ores? The number of mining sites? You don’t seem to have a clear grasp of what you want to say here and are just using vague terms to pretend like you do.

Ah, this is a statement made by someone who “many hours of being a developer”. We should just ‘ramp up damage rates’. Do you have any specifics? Any at all?

If you’re not aware, Medium autocannons have already received a fairly sizeable buff just recently. I’d be impressed if you have been paying enough attention to know though.

It’s disappoint to see someone claim to be such a grand figure in EVE Online make so many poor proposals and changes, especially because I know you don’t know what you’re talking about. At best, you’re just a line member in one of the major nullblocs who undocks now and then to mine or krab in a Myrmidon.

I would have hoped that someone like you, who claims to have FC’d for major nullsec alliances such a BoB, would have had interesting insights that are supported by evidence, statistics, or numbers from your claimed “many hours” of experience. But alas, it’s nothing more than just a newbro’s pathetic attempt to pretend to know what they’re talking about. :frowning:

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