Faction Dreads in Null level 4 missions is bs!

Since when did NPC Dreads warp into a level 4 mission? happened to me the first time yesterday. was not expecting that to happen. On top of being a dread it was a faction spawn as well. lets just say i did not last long in an industrial command ship that was not the orca. I understand that they want eve to be pretty hard but the hell a faction dread spawn in a lvl 4 mining mission is a little hard to take on.

After CCP turned off some of the existing asteroid belts, they reclassfied a lot of other areas in space as belts or spots where NPC can spawn that formerly spawned in asteroid belts. I have had standard belt spawn groups appear on acceleration gates of DEDs, on gas clouds where rats would never appear and other places. If you are doing a mining mission, it is entirely possible that the system considered your resource field a belt and thus a suitable location to spawn a dread.


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THIS IS RIDICULOUS!..Come on CCP!..Only one measly dread?

Where’s the Panache, the style? If NPCs are going to hotdrop players, have them do it right at least!

Paying players should be able to farm safely. Isn’t that the entire purpose of nullsec?

Next time give me a shout. I hear they are pretty worthwhile to kill.

You were mining in a Porpoise?

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