Suggestion: Gas Mining Sites

(Amanari Talar) #1

Hello pilots and CCP,

Lets get some upgrades going in systems for spawning gas mining sites in null. Starting at 1 nebula belt per an upgrade, and adding 1 per a level. They should have upgrades for each type.

(Alex Dujev) #2

Netherless good it or bad but it definitely will seriously touch economics sector dependent.

Btw as for me upgrades system for null-sec is kinda outdated, it should go to the past.

(Amanari Talar) #3

the gas area of the game has up to 80% profit rates on drug productions. So spawning more gas will validate a form of mining and help balance the rates. on top of this because it will become more main stream we will get new types of corps, and it will potentially become a content driver for upgrades (patches) to eve.

(Krysenth) #4

The problem is you’re neither determining the type of gas you want, nor realizing precisely where those belts already spawn ingame. There’s a list of locations ingame where you can mine drug precursors.

(Amanari Talar) #5

Did you really just come to a forum post and post that, thinking that a nullsec player who has gas sites in his space, does not know that they spam in space?
Do you think perhaps you can perhaps do something more intellectual then mindlessly spamming?

(system) #6

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