When is CCP going to fix the mining anomolies?

So, the big nerf to mining anoms happened well over 6 months ago, right? Are they ever planning on a re-distribution phase like they said they would? Wasn’t this supposed to only take a couple months, not more than half a year? Any news on the next phase at all?

Yes and no. There is a ‘re-distribution’ planned but as is mining is only on rare null moons. It’s how it has been for a long time. CCP is slow to react, so plan as if there will be no change.

Nope, not right. More like 9 months.

Last news half a year ago were that we were in step 3 of a total of 5 or so of “shortage phase” to get data, and then we would have “redistribution phase” and “dynamic phase” based on that data. Since then all have been silence.

My bet is that the scarcity phase completely failed. Yes, there is less mineral available than before, and prices rised a bit, but there is no shortage of any kind. You can go to jita at any moment and buy enough compressed ore to produce 1.000 dreads, and tomorrow there would be more ore available.

So either they just don´t know what to do now, or they have just decided to do nothing and let things as they are.

Anyway Tardglavians, ISK sinks, Daily login nuisances, and Changing names of Items in a monthly basis seems way more important to them.


The fact that minerals are in good supply at reasonable prices means that there is still enough mining to supply the market or there are still substantial stockpiles. In either case, there is no reason to increase supply. CCP also seems reasonably happy with the status quo since the last 2 stages of the shortage phase haven’t happened.

Demand should increase as the current war heats up but I doubt CCP will roll out the next phase of their plan until tritanium hits 10 ISK.

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They are probably looking for null to start mining belts as a sign that there is any real shortage. There is significant ore in those belts, each null belt is about 50% more than a highsec belt when I did a survey a few years back and that was before mining NPC’s tended to keep each highsec belt at it’s low respawn level, not it’s max level. Then consider there are more null systems also.

True, but tritanium should be the bottleneck with prices rising steadily all year:

“On Tuesday 17 December, Veldspar and Spodumain rocks were removed from Null-Sec asteroid belts

this hasn’t happened, tritanium rose, stabilized for a while, dropped a bit and is now inching back up, with each increase met by new supply coming to the market. There is no shortage - at least not yet.

Why should it be the bottleneck?
It wasn’t the bottleneck before, and player behaviour will change as prices move, impacting what people focus on mining.

Mexallon is the traditional bottleneck - tritanium was basically a waste product for the Rorqual era but it is required to build practically everything. Removing ores rich in tritanium from belts, anomalies and moons should have created a deficit but the market doesn’t reflect that. Tritanium is selling for less today than it was last fall - basically trading in the 7-8 ISK range throughout the shortage phase. That is not the behavior expected if there is a real shortage!

Do the survey again. Last time I checked some weeks ago, the rocks were 1.000 - 10.000 m3 each. That´s just unusable.

I think you overestimate the size of the rocks in highsec belts, and have become spoilt in Anoms.
High sec used to supply the entire games trit needs, you still have more trit in nullsec than used to exist. Anoms used to give virtually no low ends at all historically.
Sure, you can’t sit there and infini mine belts, but clearing them every 3 days across an entire region will produce a lot more ore than you give them credit for.

Join moonpire and mine nonestop moons R16/R32.

Actually you can’t.

Recently (and of course it fluctuates) a number of compressed ores have been in shortage at Jita. A couple of times I’ve had to buy more expensive ore subtypes because there was none of the baseline compressed ore available at all. A couple of times I’ve had to travel to get sufficient compressed ores.

Nothing drastic, but if you’re dealing in high volumes of compressed ores there’s been a notable decline in Jita.

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With all this saying that they have boosted the Null Spod and Trit then why is it after 1 rep with 5 excavator drones every spod node that i mine in my Rorqual it disappears and thats with a new fresh anom, or am i just unlucky?

I’ve tried so many different times and with 2 different systems near me it’s exhausting trying to mine the stuff, moving every 2 mins…

As long as the PLEX wagon keeps rolling, they wont change anything. It’s more likely we are moving to PLEX only to get SP.

You are not wrong, Spod rocks are ridiculously small…

Or you know the mass8ve amount of low ends that only recently had been added to anoms were unbalancing the game and they did a partial rollback to reduce it.

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This is by design. We’re supposed to be in a “shortage” phase, but that isn’t reflected in the market. Every time the price tries to rise, new supply comes to the market. I don’t know how long it will take to burn through the stockpiles but, as mentioned earlier in the thread, I doubt CCP will move to the “redistribution” phase until tritanium reaches 10 ISK. Until then you might as well park the Rorquals.

ehhh… they’re still good for R64 moons…

tritanium is now at 10, and now?

We just got a patch, chill!

Jita sell is 9,1 btw