Null mining Hell

is it just me or does it feel like mining got a kick in the teeth again? New anomalies take 5 hours to respawn, Rats target Drones more aggressively. Might as well just Rat for minerals from salvage because you need half a dozen alts to mine.


Or get mission runners more involved with salvaging their wrecks.

they are contently making it harder on miners with updates and expiations like this. when they teased new ships I thought we were getting some large mining ships and got exited. but no we got large transport ships instead.

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They never said mining ships. Since they announced the ships we knew they were haulers


Eve Online will fail if the miners quit.

In original teaser it said O.R.E. was working on them

Citation? Not saying this is false, but CCP does some epic rug pulls, like citadels not loosing rigs when redeployed in the same system and the refining/compression services being separate.

Not sure if there is a net loss of mineral content, as small ↔ colossal is not going away. Though if you are referring to the fact that ‘miners’ are potentially being automated out of their jobs, we yes. Even with the new auto drill’s terrible efficiency getting %60 with 0 labour cost is still better than getting a %25 take by taxation on a bunch of miners that have to be defended and paid for.

As opposed to the one and done spawns that already exist? This is luxury.

Do not blame CCP for this, blame the endless fields of Ishtar spinners.

Its not that they are needed, its that it scales better than other activities and the efficiency loss is not nearly as pronounced as say running a fleet of golems or whatever.

Have you considered doing project discovery?

A battlecruiser or battleship sized mining ship seems well past due.

It will fail for many reasons, though note that CCP recently removed the ability to buy ships with LP from stores, so mining is going to have to be done somewhere by someone to keep flying around. Expect prices to keep going up until people who do not want to mine, but do want ISK, decide maybe that filament roam is not the best use of their time and munch up a bunch of veld for a few hours instead.

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You should set an example for everyone else.

There you go again assuming that “miners” are some special class that must be catered to lest the game collapse. People who mine a lot quit → ore prices go up → people who don’t mine much mine more.


mining upgrades are crap. respawn after 5 hours and don’t have much ore

Not an issue.

If it ever happens that “the miners quit” the ore prices will rise and keep rising until mining profits surpass many other activities in the game.

You would be surprised to see how many players in this game are suddenly willing to mine if it paid considerably more ISK.

Supply goes down, demand stays the same, prices rise, other players fill the gap of the ‘miners’ who left and EVE lives on.


just read the new dev director letters and I have come to the conclusion that they are trying to kill null mining. they did not kill it enough the first time. now they are finishing it off. A non-gated anom, supposedly intended for a full mining fleet, that drops with a chance small enough that after at least a week of multiple alliances testing things there’s only been one drop (from 1/system anoms with 5 hour respawns), with a total value less than the smallest low-sec anoms, full of some of the least valuable ore in the game…all with an arbitrary time limit of less than a work-shift. That’s not CCP incompetence, that’s “We literally slapped this together at the very last second and did not do even napkin math on any aspect of it at all”

(slow clap) Thank you CCP. Great work.

No one’s making you play it.

Learn to adapt or go away, either way, you can stop whining any time now. You’ve yet to say anything that whiners haven’t been saying for 20 years. How many times do you have to be wrong before we get to stop listening to you?


tbf the changes are kinda ■■■■.

There’s someone that feels that way about every change CCP makes. It doesn’t matter what changes, or why the changes are made, someone is going to whine.

That said, there are official feedback threads where you can post your opinions. Behaving like a spoiled toddler who got their chicken nuggies on the blue plate instead of the red one doesn’t endear you to anyone.

A well constructed argument in the right places are key to getting new feature properly balanced. Coming onto the general forums and simply labeling the changes sh*t, or absurdly exaggerating that all of mining is suffering because new feature isn’t a risk free ISK printer like OP, does not fit this category.

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The spodumain anomalies in the age nullers left their rorquals with one drone per rock while going to sleep were not gated, either.

Assuming gates would be introduced, though, nullers would complain about all the additional clicking it would involve to get their miners deployed.

The reason it’s low value is because it’s abundant in null. Whatever is abundant there will be of low value because it’ll be farmed by bots, and by players that mimic bot behaviour, w/o interference.

If you’re just a single player multi-accounting a mining fleet, the anomaly set spawning inside a SOV null system will have enough “valuable” ore to keep you busy even if all the “non-valuable” rocks are Type C-ed.

If you’re a corp full of miners each multi-accouning, then you should play the nullsec empire building game properly and drop drill fitted refineries on your moons until you have enough rocks to keep everyone entertained.