An idea for continuing resource distribution

Since CCP has started tinkering with Null sec resource distribution, why not go all the way?

Null sec has multiple different types of rats that can be currently farmed, making some areas more valuable than others. It is argued that the drone regions are the worst areas of Null sec to set up.

I would propose giving the Drone regions the best or different types of ores. Maybe give a extra percentage m3 bonus on all mining anom upgrades or extra of a certain type of asteroid. Maybe make it possible to have more types of moon goo that no other area currently is able to mine.

Each area like Blood Raider space, Guristas space, Angel space etc… should have an advantage and disadvantage regarding mining opportunities. Make one region rich in Trit, but weak in Mex. or another region rich in Mex and weak in Pye., etc…

Any region that is strong in minerals, take away some of the moons or the amount of moon goo that can be mined. As it currently stands Null sec mining anoms and moon goo are pretty standard across the board, with ratting be the biggest difference between regions.

This is also the chance for CCP to allow ice belts to randomly spawn in any system in a certain region. Once they are mined they will respawn in another system or after a period of 2-3 days they will respawn in a different system to discourage farming and force groups to move around.

This is CCP’s chance to make all Null sec viable and exciting, not just for a couple of regions, while other regions are virtually empty.

CCP should no longer make it easy to sit in a region or two and gather all the resources necessary to survive and prosper. Make corps and alliances move around, fight for resources and create conflict, thereby creating more explosions. After all, who doesn’t love more explosions?

Because the output from Rat farming takes a sink to offset and the output from mining takes destruction.

If anything the MERs show every month that ratting should be severely cut.

That is already the case. In normal belts and randomly spawning ore amoms. Hence you would just have to remove the ihubs ore anoms, move some of their ores into belts and the random spawns and things would be set up.

I agree that either ratting bounties need to be reduced or disallow supers into anoms. Removing supers from ratting would probably be enough to reduce the income, not sure though.

I was thinking that making groups spread out more might reduce the effectiveness of the super umbrella, which protects both miners and ratters.

I was thinking of keeping the ore anoms, but making the ore mined in those anoms very, very distinctive as per region or rat space.

Another option may be to use the ADM in reverse of what it is now. The more you mine, the higher the ADM and more options for upgrades.

What about the more a system is used for mining, ratting, moon goo etc…, fewer ratting, mining anoms and amounts of moon rock becomes available until it can “regenerate” itself over a period of a few days? If it continues to be mined or ratted at a high level, the system can become useless until it has time to “regen”.

Because CCP started by nerfing the ore anomalies, I suspect they’ll be making moons the primary source for ore in Nullsec and that the moons will deplete over time.

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no… it really wouldn’t supers are not your man raters as its much easier to set up several accounts using easily afkable sub caps and tie them to simple bots

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