Monthly Economic Report - February 2020


The economic report for February is now available and you can download the raw data by clicking on this link.




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:red_circle: Is mining missing?

Destroyed is interesting. Despite similar ratting and mining numbers compared to Delve and despite the relative isolation of Oasa, the destroyed numbers are pretty high. Regardless, it is quite disgusting how low the values for null sec are.
Overall, Destroyed is still rising, compared to Mined. That’s good.

Ok, who is doing all the NPC bounties in Oasa?

Make of that what you will, I guess, lol.

Why always you miss something important part of statistics ?
It seems to be missing mining by regions.

Totally not some :robot: s

Yup, that’s on me :slight_smile: Added the mining graphs now. Let me know if you spot anything else!


Great job guys! Out just in time for March to come out!

thanks @CCP_Dopamine

my question to all that is still “why you get npc bounty in nullsec”?
why does concored care about when you kill npcs in nullsec?



Oasa NPC bounties:

Nov 1.3 T
Dec 4.2 T
Jan 5.3 T
Feb 6.7 T

Guess we have to start calling Tranqulity by a new name: Serenity 2.
This even with the changes to null sec ratting…problems ahead CCP.

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Thank you for your quick job :smiley:

In theory, CONCORD cares about those pirate organizations because thinning their ranks in nullsec means they have fewer resources to use for causing trouble in empire space.

yea i know you can bring that argument
but in the end … this pirates are no real problem in all over EVE so …

but you are right … you could see it like that … of corse the only view where it makes sense concorde pays so much isk


Other than the Guristas stealing Caldari Navy supercapitals, the Serpentis being drug kingpins, the Angels engaging in human trafficking, both of those organizations working together to form a supermassive cartel, the Blood Raiders literally using chemical weapons on populated planets in highsec and being blood-drinking murderers who kidnap victims, and the Sansha abducting millions of people every year to stuff implants into their heads and make them slaves to the hive-mind, you mean?

Yeah, other than that, those pirates don’t bother anyone at all.


Is there a reason Outer Passage is missing?

Will there be a separate column for the new relist fee in the March report?

Mining is dead!

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Mining wont die till they turn out the lights. Never said this wont bring that. :wink: But I highly doubt that.

Looks like virtually all of the mining and rating is done in null. A ridiculous amount of the destroyed stuff was on gate camps to Jita.
I was sad when I saw the missions and agent time rewards ratio for isk faucets. Are the bounties in null really that stupidly over tuned, or are there just thousands of bots farming rats every day? Those npc bounties in null dwarf everything, including mining, by a huge margin.
Why is CCP looking at destroying moon mining, instead of adjusting mission rewards and bounty payouts? Belt mining in null will always be wildly more profitable than highsec belt mining. Speaking of moons and mining, when are we going to see the updates to moon mining and ore distribution?
Waiting around for the shoe to drop is really messing with my plans for the year. Not knowing if moon mining will still be viable, or if everyone is just going to be in belts.