Monthly Economic Report - February 2024


The Monthly Economic Report for February is ready for your review.

You can find the downloadable data for last month’s report in the following LINK .



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Also first




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Not fair. You know when they publish it :pouting_cat:


Ccp alt they are

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Mining value

region jan feb
innsmother 921 3308
impass 382 2612
immensea 202 2429
stain 149 2380

@CCP_Estimate Strange eh?

That would be insider trading. :wink:

Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Veldspar Reprocessing Inc. :smirk:

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I knew the corruption was systemic.
"To your pitchforks, men!"


Long story short, Eve is dead…again

Like every month: Too much Ice from afk/bots in HighSec. Too few Ore/Ice mining in Lowsec. Solutions are easy:

  • no static icebelts any more, afk-massmultiboxers and bots shouldn’t rely on the fact that they can log in, undock 20 hulks and just erase a belt convenient in half an hour, putting all the money/resources into one guy’s pockets.

  • split the ice amount from the static belts into randomly spawning ice anomalies (directly warpable) of smaller size and scannable ice sigs of larger size with some higher quality ice. Give active and motivated mining corps an edge over semi-afk massmultiboxers and bots.

  • do the same for lowsec with the high-quality ice/ore belts, plus adding “abandoned ORE mining outpost” sigs with high quality Ores in a deadspace pocket that can’t be hotdropped. This would encourage people to do mining-expeditions that are worth the endeavour if you can survive. The need to scan them first and the need to take a gate before warping in would allow the miners to defend themselves with paying attention, leaving a scout or suicidetackler behind to evac their fleet on one hand, but also allow hunters to prepare ambushes by pre-scanning the sites so they can sneak in with a cloaked ship without probes being shown and/or using recons to keep the Dscan empty. Interesting interaction for both sites is possible.


If the data include Chinese server then maybe Feb increase would be ppl playing whole week straight :thinking:

Compare that with the previous year month with Lunar New Year maybe to see if there is a pattern.

If such conglomerations of miners bother you, there is a simple ingame solution: gank them. Take control of your space life.

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They don’t bother me. What bothers me is the bad, unchallenging design of Ice Mining and the disbalance in favor of bots and massmultiboxers compared to smaller mining corps of beginners who can right now only claim some crumbs once the massmultiboxer/botter logs in his grindfleet and effortlessly grabs the overwhelming majority of the resources in the most convenient way imaginable. My goal is to help EVE becoming a better game for the majority of the players and streamlining the mechanics towards a more K.I.S.S. design, so Ice Mining working similar to the usual Anomaly/Signature System, is a step on the right way to achieve it. Makes it more newbie-friendly, takes away power from the established and spacerich veterans, creates competition that can be won by skill and speed, not by just ‘bringing more alts’.


An ice belt in highsec holds so little ice that managing to kill 1-2 exhumers every time it spawns would make it economically unviable and force him to move on. If he’s using barges, you need to kill more, but they’re a lot easier to kill, so there you go.

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They say there’s too much ISK in the game, yet make changes that drive down ISK velocity. Can’t lower the money supply if people are saving more than they’re spending.


The problem with this idea is the ice mining multiboxes are in fact gankers

So you’re saying that they actively remove their competition by force? Sounds like it’s working as intended.

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As long as you don’t suggest gankers are miners, I’ll allow it

A very good idea o7

Well yes many are, thought it was common knowledge

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