Monthly Economic Report - July 2023

Hello everyone.

The Monthly Economic Report for July is ready.

You can find the downloadable data for this last months report in the follow LINK .



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Oh well…

Tin foil hats for sale below Jita market price.

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Calm y’butt down, the bump in Destruction in the Forge is all the Perimeter Keepstar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is why them tin foil hats gotta be sold in Jita now. :wink:

What’s more interesting to me is that we saw a drop in the money supply, and a slight uptick in the ISK velocity (always look at the line w/out contracts and PLEX), with only a small drop in the ACU. That’s a good sign. It likely indicates that some of the superwealthy have gone back to sleep (I know CCP says the money supply graph shows players active in the last 3 months, but repeated correlations have shown that it’s really only a 1 month window before you drop off of it), even as trading has increased.

Now, the question is, how much of that trading was things in the TTT being liquidated in a panic, how much of it was people buying whole fleets of ships to woodchipper for those fights, etc etc. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a lot. Instead, that increase in velocity looks like it’s part of the continuing increase in the high-end mineral demand/prices. Which might be an indicator of increased capital production, or people laying in stocks for T2 capital production.

Either way, it’s a good sign… but we’ll need to see if it’s maintained. We’ve had good signs in the past that utterly fizzled after a month or two. Fanfest this year is going to need more than promises, it needs deliveries.

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The gap is 536b, the Skarkon aftermath and timer fights came to somewhere between 500 and 600b, so its a toss up if pochven would still be ahead or not

Im in that chart somewhere. My actions are in there. Somewhere. Influencing the data. Ever so slightly. That is all.

Bleak lands and Solitude also living up to their names. Coming in second and third last.

I find it interesting that the Jump Clone Activation fee between June vs July

Come on update the article already.

Didn’t they even add an extra stargate direct to Solitude a while ago?

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