Monthly Economic Report - January 2020


Monthly Economic Report for January 2020 is out! To download the data, please follow this link.

Go ahead and use this thread to discuss anything related to the report.


Tin foil hats for sale in Jita always .01 ISK less than other offers. :wink:

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Bots are really healthy this month…

:red_circle: Some other region than Delve at the top of a chart. That is quite new. Let’s see how it will change again once the botting hordes of RR settled in. Rich hunting fields available over there. Now we’d just need something similar in the drone lands. A bigger SOE island maybe as they like to research drones.

Why is there no more monthly security report?

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A single region has increased by 3,000,000,000,000 ratting income in the span of 3 months…

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Where is wormhole mining, PI and blue loot earnings to be seen?

What is unfortunate is they don’t make changes that have significant economic impact on the 1st so that we can get good data on it.

I suppose you guys can mine it, but for us something like ore redistribution as an example mid month makes the mining data “un-usefull” for that month.


Blue loot / tags (including overseer effects, so more than you really want) is 2nd item on the Sinks and Faucets chart - ‘commodity (npc market)’. The next chart down showing Service Fees breaks out PI import/export.

CCP doesn’t want to give players real time / perfect data, as you write: inferring and data mining speculation is left up to players :wink:

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Okay…economist checking in…

  • The money supply is no longer shrinking. Good.
  • The growth rate in the money supply is below historical norms so deflation could still be a thing.
  • looking at the CPI it appears that deflation is not a major concern. That is really good.
  • Production is still off. The growth in production that started in late 2019 has not only flat lined, but has declined.
  • In terms of economic activity outside the Forge, Delve is still king.

Overall, things look much, much better than where they were when CCP engage in the ill-fated black out. The economy has rebounded to some extent and while the growth in the ISK supply has not returned to its previous levels, given the lack of growth in overall production that is probably not that bad.


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wat wat ??? ))) I did not understand anything.

Hypernet sinks 2.5 bil trillion isk?

People actually USE hypernet?



Without evidence showing the Top 5 producers are doing anything more than supplying the Top 5 consumers, I’m not as enthusiastic. The bottoms show a lot of decline across most indicators. That’s worrying for a game in retention mode.

What does this even mean?

Of course they do, a great way to sell some overpriced tickets and get a profit. 2.5 bil would be rather small, it is actually 2.5 tril.