Monthly Economic Report - January 2023

Hello everyone,

The first Monthly Economic Report of the year, for the month of January is now available.

Click this to view the report → REPORT

As always there is also the downloadable data for you here to do with what you please.



Something odd about the posting format, everything is squished. Can still enlarge fine though.

Interesting to see the sharp uptick in various activities the last couple months.

It looks like some of the largest increases are in PvE/farming related activity, production, and a quite large jump in trading/market activity.

What are people’s takes on why we’ve had such large increases in those areas? EVE Offline is showing some increase in player numbers, but not enough that this is simply due to “more players”. It looks like to me like players are increasing their activity as well as a small increase in numbers.

Unless this is some kind of new 24/7 bot wave, I guess.

Is CCP doing some right? And if so, can they do more of it?


Wish they would buff the amount of npc spawns in c1’s and c2’s (to at least triple the amount of rat’s) they seem useless in comparason to the other C tiers.

Would be interesting having people farming them in semi pvp fit’s, would get a lot more fight’s compared to only finding maruaders in the higher teirs.

That drop in the velocity of isk… I feel it. I noticed my wares have been piling up and not moving off the shelves so fast lately. Thinking about farming some of those commodities to get some more raw isk.

I got hold of the shortened version of the report…

"Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. "

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A number of factors. The DBS being reined in helped ratting, The industry changes that made capital ships more viable to produce helped push production and market activity. The big one, I think, is the changes to FW, and the short war in nullsec that saw The Initiative and Pandemic Horde (separately) attacking Fi.Re Coalition. As well, there’s been steady Prod/Des/Mining activity in Poch, so that’s kept the numbers propped up. But mostly… I’d guess the revitalization of Faction Warfare.

More fighting, new Navy ships to fight with, to earn LP to get, to produce… which helps drive prices, which gets the miners actually out mining… it’s a snowball effect.

A concerning note, though… is that we see mining tailing off there at the end. It’s been dropping since the middle of January. Not a huge amount, of course, but with a total value of just around 1T… it doesn’t have a lot of room to drop.

Production seems level, but if mining doesn’t at least stay about where it is… you’ll see ships getting more expensive, pretty quick.

Destruction… destruction’s skewed. 10 Keepstars exploded last month. Hell, 9 of them died last week. And they were dying 2 a day, sometimes. 400b out of a high number of 2.2T? That’s significant. That’s close to 1/6 of the total for that daily peak. And the rolling 7d average (ie: the more visible line) is very much shored up by those, too. So we’ll want to see February’s numbers before we assign any sustained trend to Destruction. We need to see what they look like without those 1.6T of keepstar losses.

In general? Yes. The work they’ve done on FW has helped a lot—and should be a lesson to anyone saying that ‘the game is all about [one part of space]’. It’s not. It needs all of it to be working properly. The front line system has helped FW. The DBS changes have helped null. The capital production changes have helped null/low and even FW a little. And all of that’s gotten people who might have already been logging in, to actually undock.

Now let’s see if they can get the allegiance stuff implemented. The current team seems to have a clue, so let’s hope they keep doing solid work while they’ve got upper management bound and gagged in a closet somewhere (because that’s about the only thing I can think of that’s keeping them from meddling the way they’re so very wont to do).

I am kind of… curious, though… Jan 29 saw an ISK velocity of 0.28, which is the highest it’s been since September of 2021. That means the Dec 30 (31 days earlier) drops off the 30d average to be replaced by Jan 29. But Dec 30’s daily actual ISK velocity is 0.2419422. So if the rolling average compared to the day before drops 0.24, and adds 0.28…

How’d it go down?

Gonna talk w/Rhiv about it later. Gotta go get groceries now, though, so no time for real analysis.


is, by the graph, almost entirely in PLEX. Total has the drop, ISK velocity w/out contracts has the drop… ISK velocity w/out contract and PLEX-related items… is essentially level.


When I was a teenager, somebody told me that as we get older we eventually become irrelevant to pop culture and our tastes/preferences cease to matter. Eve has been completely wrecked over the past couple of years by dumb game design, yet the login numbers and the monthly economic numbers coast along without any issues. So many people have quit Eve, but I am beginning to realize that it doesn’t matter. In fact, it might even be the natural order of things.

As we get older, our interests matter less to popular culture… and more to politicians. :wink:

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Where can I find the impact of the Paragon ship delivery? I was expecting at least a line item in ISK Sinks…


@CCP_Paragon Thank you!

Is the economy now okay or still bad?

Yes. That is exactly what it is. That is exactly what we can definitively say.

The economic is, definitely, now ok or still bad. :smirk:

@Altara_Zemara that would explain it,

The last time I had a fillet of fenny snake sandwich along with a side of dog tongue, smothered in newt eyes, it cost me over 15,000 ISK! The prices at these stations is going to make me starve. But to be honest, the boil and bubble hell-broth was well worth the 3,000 ISK I paid for the drink.

Thanks for the summary!


I can get solo fights again! All over the place! Run from the Hookbills, kill the Slicers, brag about killing faction stuff with an alpha clone Magnate to the militia bros!


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