Monthly Economic Report - April 2022

Hello spacefriends,

The Monthly Economic Report for April 2022 is now available.

You can obtain all the raw data used to generate the graphs here. Enjoy your spreadsheeting!


How about a data API for this kind of thing then we could have it daily or something?

Could call it the EAI, the Economic Activity Interface…


no surprises here, industry is dyiing and transaction taxes are a huge isk sink. so much for a player driven economy, CCP heavy hand is on everything .
Even the isk faucets are clearly not the gameplay of yesterday, but abyssals which dont involve actual player vs player on any reasonable scale.
i hope the new players accept this new EDEN the long term players are pretty fed up .
try hiring some developers instead of graphic artists. and let industry be fun again


Hello friend. Thanks for all the data.
( Hey, why is the game so laggy? )

Wanna know what i think? Actually, i dont care if you do or not. I think this is exactly what they want. They want us out so they can eve echos tq without resistance.

They should call it “The echos of eve” because thats all that’ll be left.


Wonder if we’ll see a big spike in destruction by next month. Hint: medium structures.


The small-time low-skill industrial entrepreneur is squeezed and starved while agents give free ships. It’s unacceptable.

Meanwhile, if I read the graph correctly - and thats a big if - destruction seems to be doing fine. That’s a bit of good news I guess.

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Is that a real theft or is that FRT milking their own ESS. Considering that I have seen them emptying up to 30 ESS RBs on weekends within 4 hours, I doubt these things are “thefts”. Some clarification would be nice. Good to see at least some progress with regards to these atrocious things. Now we just need to see how much ISK goes into system owner hands and how much into hostile hands.



Great leap forward.

No please! Think of the capsuleers who had developed ocd derived upon by graphical representation of information and data overload.

They can use the API as a datasource into a spreadsheet for charts.

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It is a great idea though, to have access to that sort of data when capsuleers feel that they need rather than receiving it at the current snail pace delivery. Ie, 14th May we receive the report for April.

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Hi Convict, has the MER team looked at the Import & Export data yet? These numbers have been significantly higher (10x) since February 2022.

On charts like this:

Can we go back to listing the regions alphabetically? On the bar graphs, there’s value to be gained from listing them in order of the amounts being charted, but on these, it really isn’t helpful at all. Also keep in mind that on the bar graphs, your eye just follows the X-axis until you reach the region you’re looking for. With this, it’s back-and-forth hunting for it.

Charts that are onerous to use are not charts that clearly convey information in a useful manner.


Hi Matt,

Yes! We’ve looked into the Import/Export data. There was an issue with the report prior to Febuary 2022. We’re intending on re-issuing the Import/Export graphs prior to that date. We’re also considering doing a forum post or dev blog talking abit about what went wrong and the whole MER process. But we’ll see!

Sorry for not addressing this sooner.

CCP Larrikin & The Data Team


Hi Arrendis,

I’d recommend using this graph if your wanting to find the metrics for your region.

I agree with you, the ordering of regions in the chart you linked makes it pretty hard to find the stats for your specific region. That specific chart is really only released for the ‘cool factor’, rather than it being an efficent method of relating information :slight_smile:
CCP Esitmate is looking into changing this chart to have the regions layed out geographicly. I’ve seen some early prototypes, and it looks super cool, and makes it easier to find the region you care about!

CCP Larrikin & The Data Team


Hi Larrikin,

Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it. I would definitely appreciate restated historical data, but knowing that the new data is the correct data is the important part. Thanks

That sounds really interesting. Look forward to seeing the results, thanks!

Spending time to get back what was theirs. That is bad content delivery.

Some nice new additions since I last looked at one of these.


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