Monthly Economic Report - May 2022

Hello spacefriends,

Its time to crunch those numbers and begin the market speculation, the Monthly Economic Report for May 2022 is now available!

You can obtain all the raw data used to generate the graphs here. Enjoy your spreadsheeting!


PLEX is already nearly 4M isk, when year ago it was 2.4M isk.


That be some krabbin going on in Vale – holy smokes :smiley:

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the only think is clear from this month economic report is that we need more scarcity wtf rattati is on vacation? things are getting out of hand again


If you kept up with changes that have been applied to the game, you would know exactly why it has gone up. Do a little research and figure it out. Not very hard at all :slight_smile:

Data go brrrrrrrt. I look at this every month and think to myself “I should take a couple basic econ and finance classes so this makes more sense.” One day.


Multiple factors. I guess 1. Russian players who need to use PLEX for their Omega 2. PLEX price increase on the Eve Oline Store and 3. A sale for Omega in the NES (requiring PLEX)

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well i shall see you all in 48 hours when im finished looking at this data and doing numbers :confused:

Thank you for the new CSV data :slight_smile:

CCPls make a structure losses breakout chart or graph, so we can review the effects of the Siege Green changes. I’d like to see the following statistic: how many medium structures are owned by the top 10 alliances, as a percentage of ALL medium structures. Over the course of months, that graph might be very interesting.


dYNamiC bOUntY SysTEm wORkinG aS InTEndeD

@CCP_Zelus really awesome to have such a nice visualisation of risk / reward data now.

I’ve pointed out countless times that risk / reward ballance in general and the DBS in particular are pathetic but a picture says more than a thousand words.

CCP should be ashamed of themselves asking anything more than 5 bucks for their subscription and 500 PLEX pack since anyone with a job and real life will need multiple of both to actually “play” their game annyways.

In 2007 you got 90 days for 450M isk… Welcome to inflation!


Hey, I knew that already, but I thought there is enough of super wise business analytics here that dont shy from sharing their thought.

I wonder when they will introduce those spacial points that cant be traded on game market. And if it could be exchanged for PLEX in CCP store.

The thing is, there are not super crazy reasons that business analytics need to get into on why plex prices have increased. The answer is pretty obvious.

The special points should come around Q4 2022 if they keep to their timeline.

I’m curious, is there any data on how many PLEX are in the game, how many get cashed in every month via Omega, Skins, etc. and how many get added every month? Has CCP ever shared that info? Is CCP willing to share that info in the future?

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Plex should be listed as a liability of some type in CCP’s accounting.
I’m not curious enough to go looking for quarterly reports though.

As far as I know, computers can SORT values, and can repeat it many times for different data.
Cause it is not really funny trying to find interesting region in all of this pictures in unsorted list.

Ah, of course - make your own report, we are kind of analysts, which gives you raw data and do with it whatever you want, l_user.

down the drain we goooooo .
LOL i returned for 2 days to vote for CSM , and the economy is ■■■■ the game is empty lol. Only goons can help this game now


The only way they could help is to break into several smaller alliances that are NOT blue to one another.


Weren’t the hissyfit screamers all Goons? Didn’t they all quit? :wink: