Monthly Economic Report - April 2022

Thank you, CCP Convict.

Breaking down the data one step further, into constellations, would be greatly useful. Regions are too large.

Also wormhole data would be great, even if you have aggregate it into all systems of a certain class.

I was checking DotLan for constellation ranking on regions, here Regions - DOTLAN :: EveMaps but cannot find regions by number of constellations. Is there such a rank somewhere? It seems to just rank on systems, but not constellations.

I guess I can get it via EVE Swagger Interface and EVE Swagger Interface.

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Dear @CCP_Larrikin

Could you please respond to this question, I am very interested in what the case is. Thanks!

Its like the old bounty system when alts were kiling mains for the bounty.

can we get a report for sold blue loot from wormholes?

This is intentional, it’s not meant to be easily actionable intel.

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The source of the data does not have to be the production system. But I guess EMC BCV like replication is too expensive for “modern” IT.

You mean like this picture?

yes like the bounty value from nullsec and mined amount of ore

No I mean, it’s in that picture I linked. “sleeper components”, the blue line, that’s “blue loot”.

The Bots win again.