Monthly Economic Report - June 2021

Hello, everyone,

The Economic report for the month of June is now available for your viewing pleasure! The raw data can be downloaded by clicking on this link.



No pictures open links to a bigger version. :+1:

Nice to see destruction dropping even further. And production taking a nosedive at the same pace. Market coverage also sinks like a Titanic, and so do transaction tax and broker fees. Everything is thus totally fine and awesome.


Dunno if I’d call it viewing ‘pleasure’… but I guess mission-runners can be happy that ‘not updating anything for 15 years’ has kept their income stable?


Right click, and open image in new tab to see the higher resolution images.



Economy doesn’t seem to be healthy at all as those whole economy is shrinking.
And there are no statement from CCP. Is it so difficult for you to explain your brief plan for next few months or years ?
Any data pointed in the graph is just your self satisfaction as you don’t provide any of your perspective related to it.


While I understand that Iceland is on their traditional summer escape from the office, I would imagine that a few strategic AMAs or interactive interviews that discussed EVE issues or topics, outside of the AT, would go a long way to ease the building player dissatisfaction pressure that’s helping to drive the player count even lower.


I know but do you seriously consider this a solution? Seriously? :slight_smile:

Besides, even the “actually working system” of opening the pictures as website in the same tab is incredibly unmodern. It amazes me that CCP does not manage to get a lightbox gallery on their website for these picture onslaughts that you can easily navigate through instead of having to return to the website and reload it every time you clicked on a picture. And their dynamic scaling system for the website does still not work properly because I still don’t see the full header picture. I will never understand the reason behind these outlandishly weird coding practices.

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everything looks good.keep up the good work ccp make the game healthy again

Is this proof eve is dieing? Because it sure looks as though.


In before someone makes a word-salad threat to un-sub all their accounts because the line in the chart is going down even though they have no idea what the chart actually means.


In Before Lock!!
Hmm, do these threads even get locked?

CCP posts the MER, read the comments, and laugh their butt off at all the posters who pretend to decipher what it all means :grin:

I know where all this is going: EVE is dying!! :sweat_smile:



shoulda added a time zone graph to see how little people are playing

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On it.

Does not look good Prima facie does it.

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someone smarter than me please explain why the money supply is going up. Is this inflation in a mmo I’m seeing?

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@CCP_Dopamine Omist region is missing again from the data

Soooooo… If I want to hunt miners and ratters in Null, I should go to Vale of the Silent?


If you don’t want to get concorded, yep :smile: