Monthly Economic Report - June 2021

If you don’t want to get concorded, yep :smile:

Oh look Pochven is still missing, i’ve mentioend this to @CCP_Fleebix twice now and its starting to really get annoying, you created this region and all efforts seem to be aimed at making people forget it exists

Is there even any point in me looking at this next month @CCP_Dopamine ?


You want graphs? I give you a graph:


Healthy again? lol this is a disaster

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FFU PATTATI, I know that you are flat red line (at 0) supporter. Pls don’t give a fk and fk this game to the end. I am your BDSM follower… No respect for certainty.

I think the data from there doesnt look very flattering for them internally, so why to show it extensively?

Flattering in what way exactly?

Last month Pochven had atleast 800 billion ISK’s worth of destruction happen

Seems liek a great statistic to list in the MER to me, they list how much ISK is made in site payouts but not the rest of the stats, which are very much non-zero

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Here, fixed that for you


Yeah I checked Zkill it was near 900b.
Not sure if that’s included or not on the main graph of destruction, 900b contributes to like…4% maybe to the line.
There was a lot of structures taken out last month which contributed to this 900b, however it dropped back to normal in July (less than 200b after 22days in July).
Not sure if that’s worth showing.

Instead of inflation, it’s probably more like a recession. Economy is slowing down and shrinking like @Katana_Masen says. Money supply is going up but the CPI is going down probably points to less economic activities taking place and people are just HODL onto the ISKs (as per Money Velocity Graph), and a reduced spending = reduced production (as per graph) leads to reduced destruction (as per graph).

A visibly disproportionate amount of trades are now occuring solely on Jita (The Forge) and PCU map indicates player activities are slowing down to just very regionalized farming and station trading.

Sellers are unable to sell their goods means supply > demand also leads to CPI dropping, and if you can’t sell, you don’t produce as much, so it’s supposedly a bad cycle in terms of healthy economy.

Some may argue otherwise, but I would say that the current situation for the past 90 days trend (last 3 MERs) is that things has been more restrictive and situation is still deteriorating, perhaps paving way for something to be artificially done by CCP.

We already know that CCP is planning to BOOST economy by injecting 20 Trillion ISK (cash) solely into the DBS/ESS thingy, I’m not optimistic about this direct cash injection is going to stimulate spending or people are just going to convert this extra CASH and spend them directly on STORE items instead of INVESTING into the actual sandbox’s economy (meaning production/industry/infrastructure related spending).

disclaimer: replying to your question just to project my personal opinion and thoughts, nothing related to being smarter or not, I’m one of the less educated.


Not an economist but inflation is caused by a combination of increased money supply TIMES money velocity against the amount of goods produced* Inflation is going to vary quite a bit on an item by item basis but I would generally guess we are in a deflationary cycle because while money supply has increased by a bit less than 10% since late 2018, money velocity has dropped by half. I’m also assuming the general quantity of goods increases over time in EVE given that the production index shows roughly 2X or more produced vs destroyed each month (though this might be negated if most produced goods don’t reach the market)

Someone more familiar with the EVE economy could probably give you a better prognosis but this is my lazy, armchair read.

*Geeky details: What Does Money Velocity Tell Us about Low Inflation in the US


Inflation is quite common in mmo and RL economies, and isn’t bad in and of it self. In fact, apparently some economists consider a little bit of inflation to be a sign of a healthy economy. It’s when inflation is too high, or when there is deflation, that they start to get worried.

Now, MMO economies do resemble RL economies in many respects, and RL economic theories obviously do have a lot of explanatory and predictive power when it comes to MMO’s. However, MMO economies differ from their RL counterparts in many ways, and it is important to consider these difference when trying to make explanation or predictions. For example:

  • Instead of a central authority deciding how much money to print, players print money (devs can only indirectly control things by adjusting various knobs and levers)
  • Players might be more risk tolerant, and make very different decisions than they would in RL (after all, they don’t have to worry about things getting evicted or saving for retirement, and are playing the game for fun)
  • Players are much more likely to “log off” if things get bad
  • Players are also generally not dependent on others for employment
  • Games often offer significantly better economic mobility than RL does
  • Resources are infinite and respawning
  • Game devs can straight up change how production works, by dramatically increasing or reducing the time, effort, and materials required.
  • Devs can and will delete the money and assets of cheaters.

So, with all of that in mind, we can finally discuss why the money supply went up. And the answer to that is… I dunno. Looks like isk sinks have gone down, but it’s not link isk faucets have been pumping out money. You could try to add everything up and compare things to last month if you wanted, but it still might not give you the answer. That bump is actually small enough that a single wealthy player coming back and being reclassified as an active player could have caused it. It could have also been caused by fewer hunters and eyes in space, resulting in less bots being killed and reported. This, in turn, could be helping their isk efficiencies. So, I dunno.

What I do know is that CCP appears to have been doing a remarkable job managing inflation since I started playing, and that little bump in the money supply is the least of our worries. I mean, I was kind of curious how the money supply went up when PCU’s were suffering so badly, but out of all things in the MER that caught my attention, this was probably the one that I was the least concerned about.

Speaking of which, did you see Zuccini’s meme?

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I was thinking about that today: Where does isk come from? Is there a “Federal Reserve Bank” in EVE that prints isk? (so to speak) Or, is there a finite amount of isk in the game?

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Hey all, I was wondering, on the faucets and sinks section, how is the commodity market a sink?

*a faucet

Blue Loot, red loot, OPE and a few other things are all commodities that directly inject ISK into the economy and take a bit of ISK out in the form of Sales Tax. See the Commodity breakdown.

Speaking of that breakdown. It is funny that Blue Loot (sleeper components) have a blue graph, but red loot (trig databases and such) don’t have the red graph but the green graph. Massive oversight!

Still going totally as expected.

Nullsec ratting continues to drop with players quitting. Bots are super happy, as ratting in botting regions appreciates yet another buff to DBS/MESS bot-aspirant system.
Nullsec mining only exists in botting regions, as usual.
Sleeper botting keeps rising.

CCP, we did the math. For DBS/MESS to be human-sustainable (as in “bleeding slower than you regenerate” kind of sustainable), the equilibrium needs to be at 180-185% - at those values, with full commitment to doing pve for every second you can, the current nullsec armed with “top 1% of top 1%”(c) pve players can stay afloat without gaining anything, provided you also give back at least some mining.
Needless to say, the situation is a botting paradise, and 180% equilibrium will be even more of a botting paradise, where humans would struggle, bots would thrive, which inevitably leads us to a conclusion that was kinda obvious since inception of this flawed idea: DBS/MESS IS A TREMENDOUS FLOP. REMOVE IT.

P.S. Congrats on stopping the war and saving goonies, you succeeded! Beers will flow. Hope you choke on them.


This is what I expected. Player numbers are way down after the indy changes and scarcity has no end in sight. Mining numbers are down and manufacturing numbers are way down! Isk velocity is slowly dropping still. That means players are buying stuff slowly and the manufactures are not buying materials often.

Looks like CCP has slowed down the whole eco system. I hope we players have slowed down CCP profit to match the game. I hope CCP loses their butt as hard as they nerf the game the last two years.


They showed the massive 56 billion ISK in destruction for The Spire

So if Pochven’s isn’t worth showing why is The Spire’s?

There hasn’t been a single month where Pochven didn’t exceed atleast one region that IS listed constantly, so i see zero valid reason for it not to be listed when they are

Buying quantum cores?