Monthly Economic Report - May 2021

Economical Capsuleers,

The Monthly Economic Report for May 2021 is - here - !

The zip file with all the cool data can be downloaded here!



It has been an eventful year.

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Do I even want to look?


Business as usual. CCP’s will be done. No significant drop in the money supply yet.

LOL, Inb4 wormhole space nerf and the total collapse of none plex income.

Very very nice that now all days are in the killdump.
Is there a chance that the missing data from the previous killdumps can be made public?

That is so very not looking good…


Thank you for the MER, although, I don’t understand much of it :confused:
I can tell Manufacturing and Mining are down, Destruction is stagnant with a huge spike in Jan. but that’s because of the war, that’s about it. I’m not an economist, I’m just a lowly receptionist for a group of sympathetic lawyers who help other lowly people get the justice they deserve.


Prod down, bounties down, destruction down, mining down, risk free ISK priniting in W-space and Trig space still up.

Transaction tax and broker fees are also falling, which hints at worse market activity.

All in all: Great experience all around.


High sec incursions generate 16,5T while having risk factor of Hello Kitty - nobody bats an eye
Invasion content generates 1,9T with multiple ways to get dunked - everyone loses their mind

Stop it. Get some help.


Care to share where you got your incursion figure from?

Or else: Stop it. Get some help.


Except it’s not. It’s settled into a lower curve than existed prior to either the war or scarcity, and is still (even with the sharp decline in production, which is almost entirely capital+ production) outpaced by producers. But considering we’re not even breaking 25k on the PCU peaks for the last couple of weeks, and the only large destruction taking place in the ‘biggest war in EVE’s history’ (according to the guy who started it) is PAPI ratters and miners dying… that’s not shocking.

Sleeper components are up, yes. Trig data’s been steadily dropping since April (and not all of it comes from Pochven).

I don’t think it’s quite accurate to say that’s exclusively HS incursions. But certainly, HS incursions are basically ‘free isk, no risk’.

Item #3. Remember, the graphic you were looking at is Commoditiies. Incursions pay out in straight-up ISK. Nothing that can possibly get blown up on the way to market.

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Obviously the risk of getting commodities blown up on the way to the NPC buy orders is not nearly high enough because a lot more commodity value hits the wallets than incursion money.

Of course most of the stuff comes from risk free abyssal dives. But speaking of Pochven, it’s still missing in the charts and region lists.

Except you’re lumping it all together, and not asking ‘what’s the per capita breakdown?’

Which, of course, the MER doesn’t provide. But Incursions… you’re probably looking at less than 300 characters generating all of the incursion money. And some of those are multiboxed.

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There aren’t many more running abyssal stuff or live in Poochven. And wormholes are also not much more populated than that.

Stribog Clade: 577 Characters
Kybernauts Clade: 169 Characters
Dock Workers (yes, they’re making money in Pochven): 717

That’s almost 5x as many, just off the top of my head. That doesn’t include people abyss diving (and yes, there’s a lot of them still, including in null) or hitting the ‘Triglavian Minor Victory’ systems up for commodities and trig ore, still in highsec.

There are a number of j-space entities larger than 300 people, too. They just spread out over multiple holes. And not all the blue loot coming out of j-space comes from residents. More and more, small gangs take Marauder groups in to run sites that would have been hit w/Dreads, before.

Thank you for correcting me. As I said, I don’t understand much of it.

Except you’re not. You are an extraordinary person and the work you guys do is very important. Keep it strong.


Thank you. :heartpulse:

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On the graph you shared a bit after, it is all incusrions, not high-sec only. To the best of Eve noob knowledge relying on my google skills, there is 1 high-sec, 1 low-sec, and 3 null-sec incursions running at a time.