Monthly Economic Report - April 2021

o7 Economists of New Eden,

The Economic Report for the month of April has landed .
You can view it in the news article or download the raw data in a form of a .ZIP file here .

You will also notice a few changes that have been made since the last report:

• Commodities Breakdown : Graph Y Axis is now labeled (was some confusion here), and the legend has been increased in size. A CSV export of the 3 year history is also now being exported (by request).

• ISK Sinks/Faucets Breakdown : Graph Y Axis is now labeled (was some confusion here), and the legend has been increased in size.

  • Update -
    Three graphs hadn’t been updated from the march MER;

As of 1:15 PM UTC These graphs have been updated to the right ones both in the zip file and in the Dev blog.


CCP lost another titan.

Could’ve sworn it was where I left my keys.


so whats up with the graphs being from March and not april ? :grinning:


Seems there’s some weirdery going on. Give me a sec.


You can not hide from prying eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

:eye: :eye:

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Still 404.

This user interface must be a joy to work with. :slight_smile:

At least the topic is not in slow mode. :tada:


You jinxed it now it will be turned into TiDi slow mode. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The data in the download is all from April, but they put March regional charts up on the dev blog.

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Images in the dev blog should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience everyone.

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CCP doing CCP things, some things never change.


Good to see that destruction is going down and would probably be going down even harder if Delve wasn’t counted in.

Also good to see that Triglavian content and wormholes keep flooding the economy with risk-free ISK. 36T ISK from W-space and Trigs. #CCPBalance - People were up in arms when Null sec with its thousands of characters raked in 60T ISK risk free. No one is up in arms when just a handful of people by comparison rake in similar amounts of money. Everything totally fine. :slight_smile:

Speaking of which: It would be quite interesting to see figures about how many people contribute the most value to the W-space commodity and trig commodity faucets respectively. Probably an eye-opening tidbit.

MPI looks very healthy, too.


ISK Sinks and Faucets is still the March 2021 chart



Still March my dude!

Looking again loads of it is still March… CCP did you let your QA team handle the testing again?


Mineral prices way up and production way down. Isk Velocity dropped but is kind of leveling off. Looks like Eve is in the start of a recession and I don’t see this ending any time soon.

CCP has really screwed up this game in the last 2 years and is all on CCP Rat/balance team.


Got to hand it to goons their output is greater than the deficit.

I want to be a goon.

Production way down? Only if you look at the May data.