Monthly Economic Report - March 2021

o7 Capsuleers,

The Economic Report for the month of March has landed .
You can view it in the news article or download the raw data in a form of a .ZIP file here.

You will also notice a few changes that have been made since the last report:

• Monthly Sinks and Faucets Graph (and CSV) : Now include a breakdown of Corporate Reward Payouts between Sansha Incursions, Triglavian Invasions and Pirate FOBs.

• Top 10 Sinks and Faucets : Includes breakdown of Corporate Reward Payouts. So in this case only shows Sansha Incursions.


First :stuck_out_tongue:

EVE Online returns a 404. Not set public yet?

Yeah it’s coming live at 15:00 GMT. I thought I had set this post to an unlisted draft, still learning the ropes on this Discourse thing.
So I guess we can all join in on a countdown for the release.


No worries. You should see some of the Wordpress scheduling horrors around DST that INN runs into. :wink:

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I think the problem lies in the different way that content management systems handle their settings, so expected UX behavior on one system might be just a tiiiiny bit different on another.

Also; 14 minutes! How excited are you for the MER of March 2021? Can I get woop woop on the thread!?!

I say monthly economic! you say report!


CCP lost a Titan.

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Yeah, they really need to just agree on a UX standard for publishing/scheduling.

Also… woop woop!

A friend of mine had to have a finger amputated but became good friends with the doctor. Said he may have lost a finger, but gained a friend.

Not really going anywhere is this.

8 minutes now.


@Rhivre I win

I like the ability to take things in stride. I think it’s very important for people’s mental health.


And it’s live!
This has been a beautiful 15 minute respite in these turmoiled times, and I’m glad I spent it with you people. Enjoy the report.

I’m not setting a slow-mode so keep the discussions on topic (as opposed to what we have been doing), civil and courteous (like Ernest P. Worrell would do).


So, first thought:

Mining and Production are ramping up again as of the end of the month, destruction’s flat, dipping some as we cross into April.

This seems to stay pretty consistent with the expected impact of the industry change announcement—people started putting in industry jobs right away, especially battleships hulls, and mining up the minerals for them while they could still put new jobs in without needing the new reactions.

Destruction, meanwhile, is flat because nothing really changed on that end. HACs Online continues to be the meta in large fleet warfare (and let’s face it, it’s Muninns with a side of Cerbs, just as it’s been for the last 10 months, more or less), and the smaller engagements haven’t started using battleships (because why would they, when they’re anticipating BS hulls dropping in price later?), other than the normal Leshak-gangs for structure-bashing, and low-sec Machariel supremacy.

Machs will probably remain basically the same, supply-wise, for a fair amount of time even after the changes go live. A chunk of the production increase might be the Stain farmers of the last 15 years ramping up production to get a buffer set up while they get their reaction chains worked out. (Ever wonder why Machs always have exactly the same number on market, day after day? It’s because the producers make sure of it, day after day, and have probably 10k+ BPCs laying around at this point.)

Taking a slightly deeper dive, we can see that most of the destruction numbers are propped up by the ongoing war in Delve, with fully 1/8th of all destruction in the game taking place there. Meanwhile, FRT’s push to move their ratters and miners to Vale has paid off in spades, with 12th of the mining in the game and 1/10th of the total bounties in the game coming from that one region.

Between those two sets of values, and more net trade value moving out of Vale than the total mined by about half a trillion ISK, it looks pretty clear that Vale is more or less sustaining the war in Delve, with FRT (at 5% of the entire ISK/trade generation in the game) as the big winners, as we’ve been predicting they would be since about… August. :wink: Mind you, that’s in a war… they’re not really in, anymore.


What do you expect? This is CCP busy at balancing the game according to Rattati’s and Psych’s plan.

Things moved from Delve before the war to Vale of the Silent.

Hmm, I’m a little concerned about the velocity of ISK, I know it’s increased a bit recently (almost certainly because of the upcoming industry changes leading to speculation and, well, maybe not quite panic buying but something like that). It’s very, very low, still sub 0.5? I wonder if there are plans in the works that will seek to increase velocity.

W-space and Abyss totally balanced and healthy.™

Looking at this graph: Couldn’t you have made the text naming the graphs smaller still? I don’t think that this 3 point font size will prevent people from figuring out what is what.


the war ended for one would improve that

First, they moved to Oasa. FRT only moved their moneymaking interests fully to Vale after the New Year.

Good point. And I guess that Forge and Lonetrek will see another uptick in mining value as well once FRT start harvesting their moons in the Obe-Hakkonen constellation duo.

Lets see how many people will preach doom and gloom this time, it’s both hilarious as annoying.

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