Monthly Economic Report - February 2021


The Economic Report for the month of February has landed. You can view it in the news article or download the raw data in a form of a .ZIP file here.

You will also notice a few changes that have been made since the last report:

  1. Sinks and Faucets graph (9a_sinksfaucets.png) now includes more categories.
  2. Top 10 Sinks and Faucets over time graph (9aaa_top_sinks_faucets_over_time.png) now includes all sinks and faucets as per monthly graph. Bounty Prizes also include ESS Payments.
  3. Sinks and Faucets over time (sinks_and_faucets_over_time.csv) downloadable CSV file now includes all categories as per monthly Sinks and Faucets graph for the last 3 years.
  4. Added a new Top 6 Commodity Faucets over time graph (9a1_top_commodity_faucets_over_time.png) showing the top 6 commodity groups sold by NPC buy orders.
  5. Removed the Monthly Sinks and Faucets (SinksFaucets.csv) downloadable CSV file as the data is included in the Sinks and Faucets over time CSV.

Tin foil hats at discount price only in Jita local :stuck_out_tongue:

So in April of 2019 the economy was producing 2T more space widgets than the eve-economy is today …and this is good? and as intended?

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Best addition ever. Glad to see this part split per specific items. But why “sinks and faucets” graph says that commodity market is over 32T isk. While new graph with “top 6” commodities show only around 1.5T isk? Where is rest of 30T?

What I don’t understand is how can corps/alliances still have the same/slightly higher ISK total where there is a war? Somehow it does not fit.

My guess: war means losing ships that were stocked up, which means more insurance payouts for people in the war.

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Dont most alliances/corps keep their raw isk stashed on characters?

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Because ISK numbers haven’t really moved. Things have blown up, but look at the rate of destruction: it’s been flat. And production… well, it’s ramping back up already. Mining totals are increasing (though we still can’t really say how that’s valued. Is it the Jita value of the ore? Compressed ore? The minerals in the ore? each of those would give different numbers).

Anything coming out to null markets is feeding money into corp and alliance wallets via market fees and, you know, The TTC. Until highsec stops handing us their money in Perimeter… well… hah.

(Also hah: BRAVE and the rest of the Legacy Coalition still don’t actually make any money off of that, because TEST doesn’t give them their share as ISK, they give it to them as ‘value’… like charging them 12b every 3 months for access to the coalition’s pings.)

Then you have other income streams, like the war bonds that a number of the larger null groups floated, which moved a bunch of ISK from the wallets of inactive characters over to their alliances. Incidentally, this is part of why you see the ISK supply in Character/Total bump up Nov/Dec—inactives coming back for the expected supercapital brawls—and then dropping off again basically as soon as those characters are inactive for a month at the end of January. (CCP still claims those wallets are tracked for 3 months, but every attempt to line up the data to activity numbers shows they’re only tracking a one-month window. It’s like they still don’t understand their own data, despite being handed a fairly comprehensive powerpoint presentation to demonstrate what’s been wrong with the MER since forever, this past month, prepared by someone who understands the EVE economy waaay better than CCP does).

And now, as the nullsec revenue streams have moved to highsec, and are mostly in NPC corps so they can’t be wardec’d, we’re seeing the money supplies open up again. Which was also entirely predictable (and predicted, by basically everyone who isn’t CCP).


Thanks Arrendis, as always a very expert analysis! :+1:


Nice! I like the further breakdown of sinks and faucets.

CCPLEASE: Adaptive brokers fees when?

Oh snap, they’re now breaking down the commodities faucet.


Wormholes and Abyss are totally balanced. Less risk than null sec but much more income.


So, I don’t understand any of it and I have no way of drawing any conclusions but thanks for all the pretty graphs.


This puts you at pretty much exactly the same level of understanding as the developers trying to rebalance the economy.


What the flipping hell @CCP_Dopamine ??? Why is this in “slow mode”??


And CCP Rattati and CCP Psych will continue to insist that they have a plan and that we have to trust them and that everything is going as planned. Would be nice if CCP finally responded to an analysis like yours in a comprehensive manner instead of just reusing the same empty phrases that don’t tell anything.


Really? Thanks, that makes me feel better. I’ll have to re-read your post and let it sink but thank you for your rundown. Everything in your post is new to me.

Because they don’t actually want feedback.

And that if we don’t like it, we should quit, because they know we’ll come back.


Because they don’t want the same old same old screeching spam posters bickering over some detail which, in their own own eyes, proves their own diametrical narrative. Which is how 80% of threads turn into ■■■■ to a point where others just back off from the faeces being flung around and just stop bothering.


I’m pretty sure the Top 6 graph is a per day graph. So 1T on the graph is 28T on the Faucet graph due to the change in scale.