Monthly Economic Report - January 2021

o7 Economically Minded Capsuleers,

The Economic Report for January 2021 is now available !

You can download all the relevant data here and use this thread for player discussion.


+insert discount jita joke here+

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Abyss and W-space are totally OK. Now that this madness with commodities is obviously getting out of hand, how long will it take for CCP to actually differentiate between the various commodity types? And equally importantly, when will CCP show a destruction chart for Abyss space? It would be very enlightening to see just how much destruction occurs there compared to the income.

Someone is going to cry about incursion income, I guarantee it.

Jumps map and Population map are missing.

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What’s going on in Delve? Goons getting kicked out again?

It’s been a couple years since I last logged into the game and I pretty much have no clue at all regarding what happened the past two years or so.

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Whoops, totally right - those slipped past me in the report. Just be a couple minutes while I get those added.

Update: Charts for peak concurrent players and jumps have been added.


Can we also have charts for users per platform?

I want to see Linux (Proton/Wine), WIndows and MacOS user counts

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TEST with Horde and Brave are pounding them.

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Lol, did you look at the chart? This safe instanced ISK faucet gets totally out of control. Also, every ship destroyed in Abyss injects more ISK into the game.

Its about time goons get wiped out of EvE.
Now they can taste their own medicine.

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The top 8 ISK faucet/sink chart is a lie. It doesn’t show the by far biggest ISK faucet in the game.

Which is?

They’re retreating into wormholes. They aren’t being wiped out.
They will be harder to deal with in the future, and have unlimited access to harass nullsec, via rage rolling holes.
Short sighted victory vs a continuous thorn in everyone’s side.

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Oh crap, I like wormhole systems, if they get flooded with goonswarm it will be that last place left where life is… relatively real. Real as in no inane rules.

Really interesting reading.

Is there any consensus as to why destruction of stuff peaked dramatically mid-December to mid-January?


M2- dominates, but otherwise the war in Delve in general peaked in the end of December and into January with the hell camp.

Lots of dead titans, but not nearly enough yet.

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The sarcasm was lost on you? :smiley: It’s completely bonkers, there’s virtually no risk in these instances any more. What’s worse: In contrast to a carrier or super lost to ratting, which takes days to weeks to recover, you can recover the cost for even the most expensive abyss fits in a few hours.

CCP needs to unfubar this mess. Seriously everyone is tired of playing this game and not getting ahead. ISK making/Mining SHOULD be a part of the game. Seriously FIX IT or players stop playing.


As I understand it, that is precisely why there is a starvation phase.
Less resources means higher demand and isk reward. There has been inflation of mineral and ore prices, so I’m not sure what the issue is?

There is no higher reward though, players are just making less, buying less, and therefore we have just entered a poverty phase of the game and frankly zero reason to keep playing unless CCP turns this around.


40T in red and blue loot. Double the amount of ISK injected than bounties. Red loot comes from instanced game play outside the sandbox, and is the majority of this value.

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