Monthly Economic Report - June 2020

Hello Commerce-oriented Capsuleers,

The Economic Report for June 2020 is now available! You can download all the relevant data here.


Not much getting destroyed these days, now that all the highsec “abandoned” citadels have been looted.


:red_circle: Nice, destroyed stuff is falling further.

Good to see, however, that production and Market are back where they should be, with Forge outproducing everything and Sinq being Market hub #3 again. As it should be.

I’m sure the nullsec “war” will make up for it.

They need to add a section for rides, merry go round, spinning cups…

When will players be able to make skins and skill extractors? LOL.

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Do you think that is a good thing or a bad thing?

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Almost 5 trillion isk in Oasa.

Totally normally, definitely setting off obvious redflags that are more than easily recognizable on the backend, but CCP still continues to do nothing about it.



ISK velocity is trending downwards. People are holding on to their money as much as they can.

Destruction is flat, people aren’t willing to go out and risk their ISK since it’s harder to earn with all the nerfs to ISK generation, most ratting ships having a nerf on ISK generations, capital ship reworks, Null Sec Anomalies nerf, etc etc.

ISK Supply is flat across several months.

Production is trending downwards. It’s harder to make ships at a nice percentage, it’s harder to get the minerals. The reduction in mineral supply is really going to ramp up the longer the Null blocs fight which in turn will make the price of everything increase which in turn will reduce the PVP fights folks will see outside of large scale battles.

All of these by the way are during a period of PVP focus by CCP that should show a larger trend to more destruction and more interest in the game as well as more people logging in, even though that is starting to decline a bit.

I made these arguments on the forums back with the Capital changes were made, the Rorq changes were made. That if CCP made it that much harder to make ISK, it wouldn’t lead to a more dynamic game, it would lead to a much more tedious game. You have to farm ISK more and more to be able to go out and do the PVP fun roams, small gang fights, or whatever activities you want to do.

With CCPs focus on the game, there are so many things it could be tweaking and focusing on beyond just reducing the amount of ISK a player can make.

I’m still waiting for their announcement on Dynamic Bounties and permanent ESS in every Null Sec. I’m sure ratters are going to see a tank on their ISK per hour there as well.

I know they said they would be keeping their eyes on these metrics. So obviously they are happy with the way the numbers are trending since we haven’t seen any announcement to tweak any of the nerfs they’ve made. Which is what frustrates me more. Instead of trying their best to make a older MMO feel fresh and welcoming to new players, they are doing their hardest to force players to spend RL monies on PLEX to be able to support themselves in this game.


Nullsec bounty payouts still appear to be fat and happy - that is the huge blue isk faucet at the top.

That’s not just Null Sec payout, that’s any bounty pay out, mission running, DED sites, anything in High Sec/Low/Null. Null areas make up the majority of bounties for sure but that’s not just Nullsec. But as an overall the Faucets vs Sinks isn’t that large of a difference. As well as the ISK volatility being flat or declining means that ISK isn’t going back into the market in any way. It’s staying in those ratters banks.

Can someone tell me where all the mining is happening in sinq liason? It’s consistently one of the top mined regions but i cannot see where or why.

In hisec. 90% of the region is hisec and it’s kind big region for a hisec. It’s a same deal as domain.

Yeah, especialy when one null region makes more than whole non null EVE.

Most of the trade inside null blocks is not going on the market. And even if it’s staying in ratters banks, that means there is no, single one sink for ratting income.
Just because this isk didn’t enter economy today, doesn’t mean it don’t exist and can’t be injected in blink of eye.

:red_circle: If you know me, you know the answer to that question: Obviously it is a great thing. :slight_smile:

Plenty of destruction going on, just not in the big null groups.

Isn’t that the abyssal PvP zone? I’m am surprised people can’t warp to a special “spectator” section of the grid to watch the fights.

Corp and Alliance level skins would be nice, though I would have to have to police all the submissions to weed out those who just want to draw phallic symbols and rude words.

Maybe that region of space is just more busy because everyone is at home hiding from COVID-19?

I’m buying PLEX now that its down from 4 million a unit.

Isn’t Delve going to have a war? Won’t that bump up the Destruction, at least for one side ?

I do not see a problem with this. When I started on my first account, a Slepnir cost almost a billion. A Bhallgorn is worth pennies to what it used to. The Nestor cost over a billion, if you could find one.

That is if people partake in the new content. Even now its looking like the meta is shifted towards a toxic state that isn’t interesting.

PvP got too cheap. Mining has always scaled better than any other activity and the Rorqual just pretty much allowed the rich groups to get richer to the point where materials became almost without value.

Agree with you here, no idea who sets the development goals of CCP, but with the number of man hours that when into the PVP extravaganza, what other things could have been worked on?

PLEX used to sell for 4 mill per unit. With $20 that bought about 2 billion ISK. Now that $20 only gets me 1 billion. A factional web for an incursion ship still costs the same ISK, so the price of everything has gone up in real dollar values, so in many ways ratters have gotten a overall buff in the opposite direction.

Of course, buy PLEX to get skill injectors to catch up with everyone else!

Eve is not pay to win. Convince me otherwise.

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I was hoping someone could narrow it down a bit more than that.

Orly? Check latest news about a war between Goons and Pretty_Much_The_Rest_Of_Null.

Like nowhere else in the world people are hiding from it. BTW: oasa did outkrab other regions before despite the fact that Frat have half of goon numbers. Nothing strange at all.

that depends on composition: Frat could be full of orient “workaholics” that farm ISK 23.5/7 while other/older alliances have various specialized groups - (super)cap, fax fleets, scouts, cynoalts, miners, manufacturers etc. For example: Delve does have quadruple production value compared to Oasa and Branch combined.

Frat got its own supers, faxes, scouts, cynoalts, miners, builders etc. Do you believe yourself that Frat consists of THAT many anomaly runners, that it shames all other alliances, including rental ones?