Monthly Economic Report - June 2020

I do believe in their “working diligence” mindset :smirk_cat:

I rather believe in an untold amount of bots + little disturbance from roamers/campers.

On July 10th, there was a battle with 230 Billion ISK worth of destruction. It may not be “plenty”, but it certainly was not nothing.

This guy lost almost that much with only one ship. In lowsec.

I am having a hard time processing that kill mail.

It values the ship hull alone (a frigate…) as worth 140 Billion.

Granted, yes its from a limited run Tournament prize Bpc, but still, 140 billion for a frigate… geesh…
the very fact that someone would even undock something that valuable :confused:

Im seeing an major outlier in the reports that I dont understand. Could someone explain it to me?

In July 2019, It appears Bounty payouts dropped (for a couple months) by an extreme amount. What happened in that time period? The total ISK faucets almost exceeded the faucets during that time, that feels like a “blue moon” rarity type of event in this game.


No one is talking about nothing. We are talking about declining levels of ongoing destruction. The semantic differences are substantial. Furthermore, it is remarkable that high sec regions with low sec are the biggest contributors to destruction and not the richest, supposedly most dangerous areas of space.

The “nothing” comment was directed @Litsea_Reticulata,.

I agree with the assessment about lowsec being the destruction hotbed. I wish i could figure out a way to separate out Cargohold content destruction from the rest. I am curious how much of the current destruction is tied to Jump freightors and PC controlled stations getting trashed.

I´m thinking about almost 900 bil worth of freighters/jump freighters ganked it highsec only by one of the groups involved in current nullsec war sine its beggining. If “all roads in eve would not lead to Jita” then the destruction per region vaule would look much different.

Moon Mining became worthless in Highsec

How long will this Shortage Phase continue


I wonder about that. I rather believe that Invasions are a much bigger destruction driver than low sec. The low sec/high sec regions at the top are not typical low sec activity hot spots. They have been, however, hit by a number of invasions, Lonetrek especially. That region jumped 400B from May to June.

Yes, much less destructive.

Most of the trade inside null blocks is not going on the market. And even if it’s staying in ratters banks, that means there is no, single one sink for ratting income.
Just because this isk didn’t enter economy today, doesn’t mean it don’t exist and can’t be injected in blink of eye.

Actually these charts track the Markets setup in Null bloc regions. Each major Null Bloc has their own Markets setup. So anything bought or sold there is tracked by these charts. As well as a good amount of trade is done through the Jump Freighter services each bloc offers to import or export services. You can see the amount of Import/Export that goes on in each region by the chart on Trade Balance, Total Market value by region.

So when the issue of ISK volacity staying flat and not moving shows that folks are not buying or selling in a general sense. Meaning a larger portion of Eve is not buying or selling ships, Ammo, components or whatever, it means the economy in Eve is becoming stagnant. Which is all I was saying.

Plenty of destruction going on, just not in the big null groups.

Except with all of the changes to PVP in the last year you would expect the destruction curve to trend upwards and not downwards. Which means that CCP over estimated the amount the improvement to Brawling, Filaments, Proving ground would have on encouraging PVP and underestimated the effects of ISK generation on Eve PVP activity.

I do not see a problem with this. When I started on my first account, a Slepnir cost almost a billion. A Bhallgorn is worth pennies to what it used to. The Nestor cost over a billion, if you could find one.

Not sure what you are talking about. The Bhaalgorn is currently at the highest price point it’s ever been at according to the Market history. The Sleipnir’s price is currently trending upwards as well. Which is the point, the cost of everything is going to increase meaning folks have to grind more and more to buy anything and are going to more hesitant to fight because that one 5 minutes fight would represent 3 hours of ISK farming or more depending on Fits of course.

Let me say this, I believe CCP had to change something. The rate they are making changes currently is AMAZING. I love that they are trying new things.

Where I am frustrated is that they are not identifying the current trends and the negative impact ISK making nerfs has had on PVP. For example about me personally - I was a Rorq pilot back in the day. I loved to go out and mine. I used every ounce of that to stack up PVP ships and I would take those out and go solo roam and fight. Look at Fjord O’Neal’s killboard, I die alot. I’m not very good at it but I love doing it. When they made the changes though to the Rorq, Cyno, Anoms, unfortunately for me personally I couldn’t justify sitting in a Rorq or the risks that entails and went to the WH and did other things. What I quickly found out though was my ISK generating power was heavily reduced and I found it hard to fund my PVP adventures. I rarely go out now to do solo roams because it takes to long to grind ISK.

To make ISK in my current environment I can rat and do expo. To fund one of my favorite pvp ships which is not blingy fit in any way shape or form, it takes me 3 to 4 days of expo/ratting for 1 or 2 hours a day. Meaning for the majority of the week I’m risk adverse and not taking fights or providing content to other players.

So that long ass story comes back around to my original point - Nerfs to ISK making has reduced PVP in Eve Online which means Eve is going to get stale.

Hopefully CCP pays attention and tweaks these systems but after listening to their Stream about upcoming changes, I believe it’ll get worse long before it gets better.

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CCP cares about publicity. Giant PVP battles were good publicity. Now there are arenas. CCP doesn’t need nullsec anymore.

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According to this logic, why does highsec, lowsec and wh-space still exist?


The game won´t last long if CCP will take a good dump on everything except arenas.
Upcomming changes will impact isk generating in null, that´s for sure. One of the problems with this though is: to what extent should we keep going with this trend? Look at mining value per region, highsec already wins by far.

There is a difference between the amount of PVP happening and the ISK value getting destroyed by it.

I don’t live in High sec anymore (and never lived in low sec/ wormholes) but based on the commentary I have been reading it appears that the PVP metagame in general seems to be shifting more and more towards smaller and less valuable ship builds.

It is entirely possible the # of total ships being destroyed has gone up, but the net total ISK value has diminished (unless ive missed something in the charts).

a lot of ships went boom in The Forge… Wouldn’t part of that be from the birthday bashes for Chappy?? Not sure if where they were at was in the Forge.

I want that theyshould just put a small impariors or something like that then your character comes aout and sits on them litteraly

I find this peculiar. If you don’t like it, why not change it? No one is forcing anyone to fly a ship. Additionally, even if the economy becomes more favorable for YOU—your economic problems are the same. Just a little less.

And you’re talking about solo pvp, no less. Look to solo pvpers and you’ll find that a lot of them fly cheap, take hard risks—and shred well above their weight classes. You don’t get there by uncloaking once a day in an overpriced cruiser.

Expensive ships are good to have as an option. I like killing them in cheaper ships. Sometimes that isn’t an option. In those cases I tend to just ignore them altogether, and they are 100% not relevant. They may as well be in a different universe, except when I choose to fight them.

I hope you figure it out. Seriously though: There are so many options and ways to play. If you don’t have a secondary account (covops/isk generation) maybe downship and try it? Can open up the game. (I don’t do that right now but I find it to be better value …)

I hope more people fly cheap stuff. Or at least smaller stuff. :^)