Monthly Economic Report - March 2022

Greetings everyone,

The Economic report for the month of March 2022 is now available.

“BUT WHAT ABOUT THE HARD NUMBERS?” I hear you say, well, you know we got you covered. You can find the link to download the raw data here.


Appart from just charts and raw data, how about a summary of highlights and lowlights and indicators of unusual economic changes too?



dYNamiC bOUntY SysTEm wORkinG aS InTEndeD



Sir, would you like to make some points?
Or are you just going to shout at the graphs?


No, im merely quoting what CCP said and letting the graphs speak for themselves.


they don’t speak for themselves, I could use these graphs in a vacuum to prove what you quoted if I really wanted.

A graph doesn’t really mean anything without context.
Velocity of isk declining could mean many things, not all bad. It could mean the value of a single isk has increased, or that players are trading less or that people are using the market less and stockpiling isk.

It needs context to make any sense.


The velocity says people are spending less isk overall while ships are more expensive overall

If your economic understanding doesn’t reach far enough to understand what stagfaltion is then i’d suggest you go on a roam and try finding yourself some “sub alliance level” content in null…


Summary: stuff has gone down the crapper and we f’d up once again - CCP



I’m pretty sure one of the intentions of the DBS is to reduce the ISK inflation by toning down one of the biggest isk faucets (endless ratting in safe faraway systems) while at the same time keeping bounty rewards high for players who are willing to take some risks.

As bounty payouts have gone down, it seems the DBS may be working as intended indeed.


if only they would be able to admitt to it when they f’d up something.
The closest we got to that in recent times is when they removed half of surgical strike and still haven’t buffed local reps, because solo t3cs are too OP or something…


Okay, care to suppose a reason why people are spending less isk?
All I asked for was a little insight, get the discussion going rather than spongebob idiot posting.

I’m also very curious what you mean by sub alliance level, it’s nullsec. sub alliance level operations base out of highsec because those small scale operations can’t defend themselves or hold sov. that’s a mechanical issue rather than economic. Unless you mean randomly running into another small roam in null sec. Pretty hard to do, I do know our wormhole finds pvp content daily though, so it is out there. you just have to look for it.


have you not heared of “abyssal PVE” jet? You could hide in a crab hole AND farm those 24/7 AT THE SAME TIME :wink:

are you aware that CCP nerfed pve caps out of existence and replaced them with marauders?
do you know what an ESS or a filament is?

The simple fact is that anyone who might have baited you on a Myrmidon and given you a “gud fight” instead of calling the blob has moved out of null and the result is less small gang content for everyone.

If that is working as indendet then the intention is stupid. I don’t deny the possibility of stupid intentions, i am merely pointing out the stupidity.


What risks? You can rat in 20M Vexors more efficiently than in Ishtars and only need one tick to recover a loss.

While saver trig space and w-space shovels in even more ISK. Sounds balanced. The Destroyed Value in Poocheven is laughable compared to the possible income there for the few people that farm it by comparison to the hundreds to thousands of chars in Delve or Vale.


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You can reduce your risks, of course, as you have some control over your own risk-reward balance.

20M Vexors, or ratting in faraway systems are two options to reduce risk. The former means if you frequently die you lose less ISK, while the latter means your losses will be less frequent.
Both options not only reduce risk, they now also pay less than if you were to take more risks and rat in a more expensive ship like a Marauder and/or rat in a high BRM system. Which I think is fair: higher risks now give higher rewards.

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Or you can go run incursions in the safety of hs and make more without being punished for efficiency and using your space. Or you can run abyssals and also have all the benefits of highsec and also outearning nullsec but muh gila for that is expensive!!1!1! and so are carriers thx to CCP.


In fact, the big aim of it wasn’t to reduce ISK payouts—that could’ve more easily been achieved by, you know, reducing bounty payouts. Instead, the intention was to get players to move around, to not always be ratting in the same small number of systems, and spread out into a larger number of locations. The purpose, of course, was to make sure there people to be hunted in more locations, and reduce the power of supercapital umbrellas (by moving ratting into a space too large for any umbrella to really cover).

This, in turn, was made ‘necessary’ because AEGIS sov seriously incentivizes using your space, and concentrating your numbers as much as possible. The aim there was to reduce the footprint of large blocs and allow smaller groups to take space in null without having to basically become serfs to a rental landlord that sat back and made money by doing nothing. (100% AFK income streams, after all, don’t get people undocked. Just the opposite, they ensure that people who don’t undock to actually play the game will end up flying supers and basically put themselves into even more of a position to push around the guys who do play the game… as renters, because the ElitePvP crowd has given them no other choice).

Frankly, I happen to agree with the goals of AEGIS sov a lot more than the goals of the DBS. If anything, I think AEGIS needs more pressures to either use space, or not own it1. Like the idea that if your alliance doesn’t own the IHUB, any ratting/mining you do in the system only gives a fractional value to the ADMs. Renting a system shouldn’t make it more secure from invasion—we’ve seen over and over that when rental empires are bulldozed, the renters don’t defend, they just ask the invaders ‘how much to rent from you guys instead?’

Either way, though, in the whole ‘get people to move around and spread out their ratting’, the DBS has proven an abject failure. People just eat the reduced payout, and kvetch about it a lot.

1. Yes, I know that in the current environment of low population numbers, this means there may be entire regions standing empty. Good! Make it obvious that there’s space to be taken if you have the desire and the capability to hold onto it. Give people something to aspire to, without having to either join one of the big blocs… or rent from one. And yes, I also know that it pretty much sets up hunters to face the issue of ‘everywhere is either well-defended, or dead’, but I gotta say, don’t much care. These are the same guys who endlessly lobbied for ‘no local in null’ with no care for how their prey would actually react to that change, then complained when the prey reacted exactly as anyone who bothered to think about it predicted that they would. So no matter what happens, they’ve proven that they’re gonna complain unless they get easy kills to masturbate over, and if that’s all you’re about, I really don’t give a damn if your self-centered game-play is temporarily inconvenienced.


Here, I take as an example the purchase of Blueprint, producing in this moment is really not very convenient, because the cost of the material used exceeds the value of the product created, which if sold on the market, its value is far below the investment. , therefore it goes at a loss, this is due to the fact that on the market there are still ships or other with old prices and well below the real value compared to the cost of production. One of the reasons why I stopped selling, as long as the prices are not adjusted to the current state.

and prices won’t adjust while income isn’t being adjusted.
What ultimately counts is the effort that goes into being able to do or afford anything an that has become a LOT more than it used to be.

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It means it’s changing hands less often. Not necessarily the same thing.

If players were to build more items themselves from scratch, even mine the materials themselves (like how frigates and dessies don’t require nullsec mats), then that would lower isk velocity.

wich they are not

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