Monthly Economic Report - December 2022

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The Monthly Economic Report for December is ready for your enjoyment.

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Jan 23 Pochven estimates based on 16 days of Dec MER being under the new changes

Income: 2.8-3.4t
Destruction: 250-470b

I’m a bit worried about inflation. Are the ISK faucets set too high on bounties?

As someone who has been studying this game’s economy for months, I find these posts and charts invaluable. A few statistics I’d like to see: top 10 items that saw the highest rise in value, top 10 items that sold quantities about their previous months, top 10 items that saw the largest drop in value, the top ten items that sold quantities below their previous months, and a list of when any major market manipulation that took place and what was manipulated (say raising or lowering an item’s value across all markets by 50%). If I had that information I could improve my non-op proceeds immensely.

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Into month 2 since Uprising and lowsec kills have softened a bit, but still look historically strong.

Also an uptick in highsec killmails in December (more on that in a separate thread that discusses the Producer’s Letter news article).

As usual: the amount of mining (especially Ice) in HighSec is way too high for a very low risk environment. These huge static icebelts that only reward lazy semi-afk massive multiboxing are terrible game design.

Split the huge static belts into a lot of smaller ice anomalies and scannable signatures, to reward active scouting and quick movement for agile and active mining groups of different real players over massive orca-boosted multiboxfleets that only undock in ever the same system everytime a belt respawns, cleaning it with maximum efficiency.


Why leave it to CCP to come up with the solution to the perceived problem? You have the power to solve it yourself. Gank AFK barges and Orcas or, at a minimum, bump them out of the ice anom until they give up and leave…

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Having said that, if the current trend of making high sec more “safe” continues, then the amount of resources and rewards in high sec will have to be reduced accordingly…

I personally don’t care for miners, ice prices or people watching netflix while playing EVE, anyone should spend his time in the game as he likes. I view the game mostly from the persepective of “design”. The current design of the ice belts is bad in my opinion, simple as that. Mostly because it rewards lazy semi-afk gameplay, and it shouldn’t. It should offer agile, active and flexible groups an significant edge over lazy mutliboxers.

For myself, I don’t want to spend that little online time I have with bumping or ganking semi-afk exhumers or barges as I find that boring and non-rewarding. That doesn’t stop me from noticing that the current situation is a quite suboptimal one and thinking about how to improve it.

If you feel ganking is the solution, feel free to do that, you have my best wishes.

Simply make the respawn timer for ice anomalies random, or make them appear in random systems. As it currently stands, every high sec ice anomaly always spawns in the same system exactly 6 hours after the last ice asteroid was popped. You can set your watch by it. That’s how these groups know exactly when and where to mine.


Would be a step into the right direction, definitely.

Ok, so… once again, no time for a real deep dive…

ISK velocity looks good… mostly. We can see that the tail end of November was a slow-down (makes sense, Amurricans was all off stuffing our faces with turkey, not market-trading) and then December saw it pick up again. There’s some plateauing at the end of the month, but that might coincide with people being offline and drunk at NYE parties.

Production rose in December, but then curtailed off, which would point to higher prices coming down the pike if it continues… I know CCP’s been all hot and bothered to hype their curiously-exactly-1/3-if-you-round-upwards ‘34%’ increase in capital production, but at a high point of only 3.45T, and a total increase from November’s closing numbers of only 0.31T, I don’t see that 34% indicating ‘we built 1333333 capitals this month instead of 1000000!’ Far more likely it’s ‘Yep, instead of building 12 dreads this month, EVE built 16, because Entity wanted to make sure he had 1 of each Navy dread’.

Navy ship production rose by 14,709%, which is hardly surprising considering the sudden bloom of Navy Destroyers and Battlecruisers… though, I suppose if Entity built 1 of each Navy Dread, that’d also spike those numbers by a noticeable amount.

Either way, production numbers… tentatively good, but trending down, so let’s keep an eye on that.

Mining #s… mostly stable, a little bit of a downturn. Looks like that’s basically across-the-board, with Poch mining holding more or less steady (and so increasing in market share as the others decrease a bit). Not great, especially during the ‘we’re inside at the computer’ winter months in the northern hemisphere, but certain nations full of rabidly zealous EVE players are currently doing… other things… so, you know, it is what it is.

Destruction… c’mon, a new PVP expansion and new ship types to blow up in. Thing is… Uprising dropped on Nov 8. Nov 7-8, 7d avg destruction was right around 1.08T. If we look at the actuals, not the rolling average, Nov topped out at 1.517T, compared to Sept’s high of 1.47 and October’s 1.36. December tops out at 1.76, so we’re not seeing a large increase in the bloodiest days.

Instead, where the rolling average gets a lot of improvement is on the troughs. November’s lowest single day was 721b, and Oct’s was 657b. December’s lowest day, by comparison, saw 948b destroyed, and most of December’s troughs are far shallower than that, expecially near the end of the month. Troughs: 1.01, 1.03, 1.08. That’s a daily actual trough on Dec 27 that’s higher than the rolling average throughout October.

So as much as some folks might want to say ‘of course destruction’s up, but for how long?’… I dunno, I think the FW revitalization might have legs, and that’s a great sign, overall. I’m hesitant to get too optimistic, but if it holds through… March? Then I think we have to say that @CCP_Aurora, between restoring the AT and finally getting FW some much-needed love, might be the best hire since Guard. :wink:

But like I said, no real time to get into the detailed analysis.


As a 90% High Sec player. If CCP reduces high sec rewards any more. I am will to reduce the money CCP gets from me. I am doing well to 2-5M isk per hour in High Sec.

Do you remember when CCP tried to make ice spawning in random systems and random time. That right CCP could not make it work, so they had to put it back to the same systems with longer respawn times.

If you are only making 2 to 5 million per hour in high sec, that’s on you. There are ways to make much more than that…


Sorry I really don’t see the joy.

You need to watch Dr. Strangeline (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Graph). :grin:


Even level 3 security missions give you more than that…