Monthly Economic Report - December 2023

Greetings and Happy 2024!

The Monthly Economic Report for December is ready for your review.

You can find the downloadable data for last month’s report in the following LINK .




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I always enjoy reading these things every month.

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No mention that I can see under ISK faucets for the new AIR opportunities daily goals, given these can net individual characters up to 2 million per day…

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Is Yasna Zakh missing in the reports or is it me?

Lol as if 2m a day is a faucet. Kill 2 NPC battleships in lowsec and youve done it. Run a single mission and youve done it as well

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It is no time to be an academic. For God’s sake, you gotta open the discount window!

I rather think you are missing the point. Some of the daily goals are trivial, and take a matter of seconds to complete - eg start manufacturing an item, even if just a 75mm Gatling or a single small frequency crystal. Multiply that over up to three characters per account, multiple accounts, and the pennies of free ISK really start to mount.

Of course there are other ways of earning a couple of million ISK quite quickly, but not without leaving the station or engaging in market trading. And the daily goals give a bonus to things you might be wanting to do anyway, such as go ratting, mine, or build stuff, over and above the return one would get for those activities anyway.

My point is that the daily goals have introduced a rather generous, low effort source of ISK which is great for new players, but must have some sort of impact on the economy yet seems to be overlooked in the economic report.


The fact that the MPI (Mineral Price Index) has tripled since 2020, and shows no signs of decreasing means that whoever was put in charge of finding solutions to this problem has failed.

The Ore Distribution Nerfs need to be reverted, completely. It was a nice idea, but the only thing it accomplished, was the tripling of t1 costs throughout eve, which impacts every ship and almost every item, to a greater or lesser extent, in a negative way. These cost increases just hampered conflict, and made people more risk adverse.

What I would love to see, is a MPI inflation adjusted Production vs Destruction vs Mining graph. In other words, presuming that the mineral prices werent triple what they were, what is the actual effective value of Production vs Destruction.

I’d imagine that we’d see a value around a third of what it is now (so instead of 5T being produced, we’d actually see 2T in value, just artificially inflated to a 5T value.

That chart would show the actual effects of the Industry Nerfs and the Ore Distribution Nerfs, to see if they are truly the self inflicted bullet wound in the eve economy that many people see them as.

That seems to have been intended.

That’s debatable. Not every player has the same amount of isk. Billionaires, trillionaires and credit-card warriors don’t seem so risk-averse.
I’d say everything is working as intended.

Like every month: Too much Ice from afk/bots in HighSec. Too few Ore/Ice mining in Lowsec. Solutions are easy:

  • no static icebelts any more, afk-massmultiboxers and bots shouldn’t rely on the fact that they can log in, undock 20 hulks and just erase a belt convenient in half an hour, putting all the money/resources into one guy’s pockets.

  • split the ice amount from the static belts into randomly spawning ice anomalies (directly warpable) of smaller size and scannable ice sigs of larger size with some higher quality ice. Give active and motivated mining corps an edge over semi-afk massmultiboxers and bots.

  • do the same for lowsec with the high-quality ice/ore belts, plus adding “abandoned ORE mining outpost” sigs with high quality Ores in a deadspace pocket that can’t be hotdropped. This would encourage people to do mining-expeditions that are worth the endeavour if you can survive. The need to scan them first and the need to take a gate before warping in would allow the miners to defend themselves with paying attention, leaving a scout or suicicetackler behind to evac their fleet on one hand, but also allow hunters to prepare ambushes by pre-scanning the sites so they can sneak in with a cloaked ship without probes being shown and/or using recons to keep the Dscan empty. Interesting interaction for both sites is possible.


Low-sec has always been a mixed bag of snakes, but these aren’t bad ideas. Death to all bots!

That’s the number of archons that have killed things, and lost things. We went from 70-140 a month exploding to 10-20 exploding a month (an 85% drop) . Kills from them have gone from the thousands, to low hundreds (a 75-85% drop).

This isnt just for capital ships.

That’s a Raven.

Prior to the ore/indy changes and the scarcity mindset? 800-1000 die, and they kill 1,500-2,000 things a month (2019)

After the ore/indy changes and the scarcity mindset? 200-300 die a month, and they kill 500-800 a month. That’s a 66-75% drop in losses, and a 60-66% drop in kills. (2023)

Lets look at a t1 cruiser, a thorax, a ship intended to be a cheap throwaway ship for combat.

Prior to the ore/indy changes and the scarcity mindset? 1,100-1400 die a month, and they kill 2,000-3,000 things a month (2019)

After the ore/indy changes and the scarcity mindset? 800-1000 die a month, and they kill 1,500-2,000 things a month. That’s only a 20-30% drop in losses, and a 25-33% drop in kills. (2023)

Less people are killing things with capital ships, with battleships, and with smaller ships. If “everything is working as intended” then whoever’s intending things to be this way is incompetent.

People are using less ships. Killing things less frequently, losing things less frequently. Conflict is less frequent, because minerals are MORE EXPENSIVE. Minerals are MORE EXPENSIVE because lowsec demonstrated that they are incapable of actually operating as a needed part of an industrial chain.

Conflict and activity is good for eve. These changes have reduced both conflict and activity. These changes are objectively bad, due to their measured impacts on the amount of kills and losses of Capital Ships, Battleships, AND Cruisers (they’re all down, and the costs for them are all up).


I may not speak about the competence at CCP on this forum but my answer was to your “risk-averse” argument. The numbers of ships destroyed doesn’t automatically gauge risk aversion as many more characters may have taken the risks and stayed in one piece to dock.

And my point was that minerals aren’t as expensive for the billionaires and trillionaires of EvE. As for using less ships and killing things less frequently, not every pilot who takes risks will have his ship blown up.
Also, “expensive” is relative.

That opinion doesn’t seem to be shared by the Devs or the changes would have been reverted already. The mere fact that they’re not tells me that CCP is okay with it.

CCP is “okay” with a lot of things and most of the time it results in catastrophic failure, bad feature quality and frustration for everyone.

My newest oldest pet-peeve: The god damn industry window takes Ansis into account when it tells you the range for a facility in the Facilities tab, but it does not take them into account for job starting/delivery. You actually have to use Dotlan to figure out the exact distance to the facility as ingame route finding is bad. Years after it was introduced. Must also be one of these “cognitive overload reducing, streamlining UI features that make the UI easier to use”.


I can’t believe CCP/devs to be incompetent. The changes, new features and new mechanics show their expertise. I can only conclude that the state of the things you mention are wanted results and/or not important to the bottomline.

It’s like CCP devs being obviously biased towards certain groups in the game. It being the case doesn’t make it a good thing.

After all these are the devs that gave us blackout and can’t understand basic pray predator relationship…

All depends how one looks at it. To me it’s no different than the owner of a shop taking extra care and devoting more time to the things and people he knows will benefit him. The occasional visitor can wait.

Yet the business been open for 20 years. Something’s gotta work.

No business is imune from overzealous employees.

pray you don’t jump into a bubble lol

Like the Chinese server where one side won and then everyone lived happily ever after until the server shut down. I would expect that even CCP devs are capable of understanding that constantly screwing over one side is going to be bad for everyone as conflict is what drives eve not renting.

From what I understand, the Chinese server was shut down because of government restrictions and provider abuse.

Relationships are the backbone of any mmo. Conflict depends on good and bad Relationships and the level of entertainment that drives Conflict or owning the clone-body of a rival wouldn’t be a thing.