Monthly Economic Report - September 2020


The Economic Report for September 2020 is now available! You can download all the relevant data here.



Oasa topping off the NPC bounty charts with a nice 6 trillion isk generated.


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Why won’t CCP nerf NPC bounties?


Then do something about it and go there. How effective “going to a place to stop ratting is” is clearly visible in Delve, Querious and Period Basis. Stop being a useless un-member of the community.

Besides, where were your cries about bounties when Delve was raking in double those numbers and even managed to outproduce The Forge at times? Or when Esoteria raked in similar numbers. Your glass house is wearing thin.


The market graph for Domain is interesting. I wonder where these 10T additional market value come from or where they are. According to other websites certainly not in Amarr or Ashab.

Probably because it’s more complicated than you are implying.

You don’t think they can find the bounty table in their code?

Where did I say it had to do anything with finding stuff in their code?

Your incessant whining about easily changed things is just annoying otherwise.


Question, could you break down to me how each chart is calculated?

Specifically Trade Value, Mining and production? What would I need to do do boost the numbers for my region of Venal.

I guess you missed announcement of planed changes to bounties and ESS?

It hasn’t happened yet.

So instead of trying to address the faucet problem, CCP continues to work sinks and drive inflation…

…so much wrong with that approach…


What would be the right approach?

Edit: What would be the right approach that doesn’t just cut off the faucet and therefore end up grandfathering in everyone who is currently very wealthy into positions of greater economic leverage while hurting all the newer players who come after who struggle to make ends meet because they cannot generate sufficient isk in-game (via faucets) without paying money for PLEX.


Look at that Office Rental paid to NPC rather than to Player Corps.

So much isk to be had there you Large corps out there if you find a way to protect your station and open office space for rent.

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The far better approach would be to adjust faucets down to roughly close half the gap between faucets and sinks. Half because price deflation would come from this approach but this puts the economy on a virtuous cycle…lower faucets = lower prices = more destruction = healthier economy.

That is far better than driving an inflationary spiral.

In the end, it all comes down to whether you are trying to reduce the value of stuff or the value of isk. You can only pick one. CCP is trying to reduce the value of isk by increasing the cost of stuff. It’s far better to do it the other way around.

To your edit, people are grandfathered either way…it’s just a question whether you are grandfathering stockpilers of stuff or stockpilers of isk. I’d much rather grandfather isk, particularly as it relates to the NPE.

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Well I’m glad you’re not in charge of these changes then.

lol, citation needed

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What a shock…have a happy day.

Surprising that you would rather penalize miners and new bros than null blocs.

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Where did I say this?