Monthly Economic Report - October 2022

Excel-lent news capsuleers,

The Monthly Economic Report for October is ready for your enjoyment.

Click this to view the report → REPORT

As always there is also the downloadable data for you here to do with what you please.



No response yet after 3 hours? Well then…

Discount tin foil hats for sale at Jita 4-4.


Also: First :dealwithitparrot:


Haven’t had time to do a deep dive, but the uptick in ISK velocity w/out PLEX is a good sign.


Blue/Red Loot or Stockpile?

Won’t be able to really get into it for a few hours, so… no clue yet :slight_smile:

I’m probably reading the charts incorrectly (or making wrong conclusions), but doesn’t the corporate rewards for incursions and Triglavian vs. the overall bounty rewards seem to be really off ratio when one considers the number of individuals doing the specific activities?

Looks like the Serthoulde event had some effect. Lowsec pvp at the highest level all year last month.

Each year since the MER started normally sees a small uptick in lowsec in October, but the change last month was the largest jump in the last 5 years.

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On the ISK Sinks and Faucets chart, the beginning ISK balance for October is shown as 1,525.7 trillion ISK. But the September chart gave its ending balance as 1,523.1 trillion ISK. Can we account for that 2.6 trillion ISK gap? (This is also reflected in the money supply graphs for the two months.)


Things are BAD when this part of the Forum is so quiet…

WTF happened here ???

We know it’s bad when Team Security pipe in - we haven’t heard from them for a while but geez guys…

It’s Really THAT bad ?

Scarcity, industry changes, and then mineral redistribution. The players that wanted to look at spreadsheets and debate charts died off.

Seems to me that some of the people that used to chat here are no longer … for whatever.

I guess the game will change with or without it’s mentor’s… that’s sad.

The airplane is still in the air, so there is nothing to worry about.

If we class an Airplane as, hmmmm, single prop Cessna maybe ?

I’m not seeing a lot of demand for REAL airplanes, AKA CAPS… and just to be clear here - the Chute’s failed on my other two main accounts well over a year ago - it’s not looking good at all for my current and ONLY pilot hehehe

I feel like I’m hanging onto the undercarriage currently but hey … Still flying, as you say :slight_smile:

They raised the subscription price. I don’t know how that affected their revenue, but now they are so desperate they are doing omega sales every month. At this point, they are just giving away omega time.

Lookin’ good.

Looking good for those of us who have PLEX in stock and can afford to continue to buy it but “Good” is not the same as “Healthy”…

For me - and I always ask myself this question - I will NEVER know how I managed to survive for over a decade in EvE when my brain does not see numbers too well…
I’m not too clever when it comes to looking at graphs…

But I do know that when stuff no longer sells in Amarr and that Local has fallen to - dare I even mentionIT - Rens stats, that it’s time to move…

I’d really like to see a comparison of how the “Other 3 hubs” have done over the past 12 to 18 months vs Jita 4-4 and if I am Brutally honest, rely on a lot of the info posted here to help make that clear to me…

For me - and I speak alone here, it “Feels” like someone put the squeeze on many of the people that used to contribute to CCP’s MER…
Either that - or - they simply cannot be bothered now.

For me, and for the game - that’s not “Lookin’ good”

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