Monthly Economic Report - August 2022

Greetings spreadsheet enjoyers,

We have a brand new Monthly Economic Report for you steaming out of the press. The MER can now be enjoyed in Full Dark Mode™.

Click this to view the report → REPORT

As always there is also the downloadable data for you here to do with whatever you desire.


Discount tin foil hats available below Jita price. :wink:


also first :dealwithitparrot:


Aah, I love this data stuff.

Down goes the hill.

That picture should show how much was stolen and how much was milked. Especially considering that the next slide uses the same colors and this makes it look like all ISK was milked.

wtf?! No flashbang in the face?!

Ty CCP for MER dark mode!

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I see that dog everyday these days!


This graph looks a lot better compared to last time, however, there are 2 texts overlapping, making it unreadable.

I love MERs, but…can we get the last graph on a logarithmic scale, so it’s actually useful?

@CCP_Paragon : Why have the July Production numbers changed?

The July MER is on the left, the August MER is on the right:

In most cases it’s a small change, a little nudge upward, but… why?

You still see an upward trend?

Heh. That question’s what drove me to go back and look at my post in the thread last month… which is why I noticed the change in #s.

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Top 5% richest players hold 67.7% of ISK? Its not that bad. I understand its only ISK and not all assets, but still. I thought it was worse, like in real life.

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That’s because that’s just the top 5% of players still logging in. Remember, the ones who aren’t logging in aren’t counted. If they come back (which is, after all, the goal) the megawealthy hold a lot more than the current #s show.

Or maybe the poorest aren’t logging in, so if they log in, the richest will hold less. Am I right?

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Not really. Let’s say the richest person who’s not logging in holds 1% of the offline ISK supply (and I can think of at least 2 who might), and the bottom 50% average out to holding .0001% of the ISK supply… which, for the record? Probably generous. For example, there are players out there, many in HiSec, with under 500M liquid ISK. Many of those who’ve stopped logging in did so because they can’t make enough ISK, so… the ‘logged off’ portion of the ‘poorest’ are probably even worse off.

I can think of at least 3 guys I know who aren’t logging in holding more than 2T liquid. Each.

To balance even 1 of them logging in, you’d need 4,000 of the 500M ISK liquid players to login.

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I see poor bait.

Agatha, get the six shooter. The poors are REEEing in the yard again.

I feel like there’s a Bernie Sanders joke in there somewhere for that last graph.

@CCP_Estimate The LP data is not included in regional stats.csv