Monthly Economic Report - July 2022

Greetings fellow spreadsheet makers,

Yesterday was a national holiday over in Iceland, so it’s a little later this month - The Monthly Economic Report for July 2022 is now available!

As usual, you can obtain all the raw data used to generate the graphs here. Happy number crunching!


Would it be possible to make it a bit clearer what is what in this chart:

Like OPE, Bounty tags and Trig data all end in the same point, hard to see which graph belongs to what.

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Bounty - red, OPE - dark green, red loot - yellow.

There are arrows at the end which helps to determine what is what. But you have the point. It is just like no one even looked at the graph before publishing it.

Those production numbers though.

Hey Gustav Mannfred,
The figure you posted is from the June MER. In the July figure, its a little easier to distinguish the different lines. I however agree the clutter on the June MER figure is really difficult to read, and needs to be redesigned to make it easier to read :slight_smile:
Hopefully we will have that sorted for the August MER.


What is happening ins Sinq Laison? Most mining per region in mostly high sec region? Actually top 3 are all highsec. Moons perhaps?

What’s wrong with rising production? I’m quite surprised that graph is so stable and even with rise at tail end. Especially considering consistent drop in PCU

Hey Gustav - just to note that you’re not going mad - I noticed shortly after the post went up that it directed to the June one rather than the July one - I subsequently changed it, apologies for any confusion. I can see CCP Estimate has responded to your query already, but it is a little clearer in July :slight_smile:


You are zoomed in way too far if that looks like rising to you.

2022-08-02 18_18_34-0_produced_vs_mining_vs_destroyed.png (1920×1080)
Maybe you didn’t zoomed in enough? Because unless you are looking at it upside down, there is upwards trend.

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Upward trend visualized.

Downward trend visualized.


Well, that’s one way to completely miss the point…

Gotta look at the whole picture or you come off as delusional.


Unless my whole point was only last year

Sadly my memory is longer than that, and decisions made prior to that continue to negatively impact the econemy. Production in particular.


Greetings fellow spreadsheet makers

My spreadsheet could beat up your spreadsheet! :person_raising_hand: :cold_face: :snowflake:


=VLOOKUP() Battle of the decade!


Can you plot the graph to indicate the source of sleeper components ? ( i.e. how much worth of sleeper components are coming from each class of j-space )
Just curious.

Most from C5 and C6 after marauder change for sure.

My guess: C5 > C6 > C3 > C4 > C2 > C1

There’s cause for extremely guarded optimism re: activity in the last 2 months. ISK velocity, production, and destruction are all up ever-so-slightly.

That said… an increase in production from 2.52T to 2.56T over the last 10 days of July doesn’t offset the drop from 2.68T over the first 21 days of July. And that’s just the rolling average. If we smooth out the data to get monthly average totals, we wind up with:

June Production / Destruction:
Produced/Day: 2.75T
Destroyed/Day: 923B

July Production / Destruction:
Produced/Day: 2.51T
Destroyed/Day: 886B

That’s a drop of 8.73% in production, and 4.01% in destruction from June to July.

If you look at the ‘full’ year (ie: Jan 01-end of MER), the numbers are… a bit nastier. Your bump there, after all, is from the April low of 2.52T. May surged, and then we slumped again. But just to take the bigger trend, here’s the change from Jan:

Jan Production / Destruction averages:
Produced/Day: 3.26T
Destroyed/Day: 1.06T

So from Jan-Jul, we’ve got a loss of 22.92% of production, and 16.34% of destruction.

So… no, looking back over this year, it’s not an upwards trend. It’s about 50 days of growth, all lost in 10 days, with the rolling averages showing some uptick after. And even then, look at the actual numbers, not the averages:

That fainter line behind the averages? That’s the actual numbers, and that covers the period of the slight uptick you’re looking at after the May/Jun bounce. It’s about 2 weeks, and the rolling average is pulled up hard by the period from Jul 23 through Jul 25. (Side note: if you download the data, the file 0_produced_vs_mining_vs_destroyed.html is the one you want. It lets you zoom in on any part of the graphs, and gives actual #s on the mouseover.)

To make it clearer, here are those production numbers from the .csv for those last 2 weeks:

Jul 18: 2.33073E+12
Jul 19: 2.68767E+12
Jul 20: 2.78507E+12
Jul 21: 2.36567E+12
Jul 22: 2.38207E+12
Jul 23: 2.83069E+12 **
Jul 24: 2.85237E+12 **
Jul 25: 3.08177E+12 **
Jul 26: 2.49574E+12
Jul 27: 2.64891E+12
Jul 28: 2.3825E+12
Jul 29: 2.50312E+12
Jul 30: 2.55364E+12
Jul 31: 1.84907E+12

** - these 3 days support the entire stretch after them. Without them, your ‘upwards trend’ vanishes. They’re a weekend, and I don’t have the time to do a deep dive into the numbers to see what got built where (and it is possible, if you know how to read the data), but it’s possible, given the 500b differences between those days and the days around them, that there were 15-18 titans in build in various places.

2 dozen supercapitals(at most) over a single weekend shouldn’t be enough to make people overly optimistic.



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