Monthly Economic Report - August 2021

o7 Economic Enthusiasts!

The Economic report for the month of August is now available for your viewing pleasure! As always, the raw data can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

May your calculations and observations lead to fearless investing :slight_smile:


Old skill training window for only $59.99 per year in a New Eden Store near you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hear, hear, Delve is flaring up again with bounties, production and mining. Let’s see how quickly it will outperform Vale. And look at this juicy commodities market.

When are we going to get an overview over the ESS Reserve Bank emptying? Specifically how much money went into owner hands and how much into attacker hands.

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EVE is dying™ Since 2003


What can I say? I’m done. I can make money in this game, but life as an industrialist is hard (and poor) as hell, life making missions is impossible, I can live at the wh or doing incursions. But I’m tired to repeat the same old things. Missions became boring a long time ago and it’s time to just play another game. This scarcity time last long enough to me.


Oh look @CCP_Fleebix Pochven is missing again

Should be on this one

And this one

I don’t understand how you only have Pochven listed in a couple of places when it should very clearly be on most of the slides

Its starting to get to the point where i’m just disappointed instead of annoyed :confused:


Thank you!
May your developing and designing lead to fearless innovation for EVE Online.

Thanks for MER.
One day I’m sure I’ll understand all the info from all those graphs and figure out how to come to some valid conclusions.

Have a blessed day @CCP_Swift

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As always those raw data without any contexts from CCP are meaningless at this point.
As always, It’s pretty hard task for CCP to explain their perspective and brief plans for the next few months or so.
As always, there are no communication between CCP and players.
Well Done.


So you hung in there, through the hard times, only to quit on the finish line? :joy:

what finish line ? there is only dark in the tunnel

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Rather it is a black hole, there is only way in and no way out. :scream:


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