Monthly Economic Report - October 2021

o7 Economic Enthusiasts!

The Economic report for the month of October is now available for your viewing pleasure! As always, the raw data can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

May your investing lead to more green than red :slight_smile:


Is Pochven missing? Or am i blind?

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Nope, its still missing, @CCP_Fleebix did we not get a response from them last month when they were poked?

Its getting to the point i’m not even angry anymore, just extremely disappointed


How about a global rank for all estimated character and corp wealth?

Just to rub it in how poor we are.


“Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it” doesn’t seem to be working on my Win10/Chrome or Edge browsers.

(I’m using Open Image in new tab to get a larger view as a workaround for now)


yea i had to R click to new tab

pochven is on some of the charts.

Same for me, tried various browsers and non work. Oh well this is CCP we are talking about they cant seem to get nothing right, In fact trying to remember the last time they did something correctly or improved the game.

Some… so another half assed job done :rofl:

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ok, so by “some” basically the two financial ones… net exports, and export/imports, and the maps at the end.

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Thank you, sir.

Clicking on the image does not seem to work, thank god for work arounds

@CCP_Swift please get @CCP_Larrikin to split off edencom and trig payouts.

someone should really tell frt that mining is worthless and definitely not worth 2.4 trillion isk a month. Seems like they aren’t aware.

Pictures again don’t open the larger version when you click on them. No, I will not right click > open in new tab them. This not how a modern website is supposed to work. This forum has a god damn lightbox for pictures in a topic. How hard can it impossibly be for CCP Avalon or whoever is now in charge of this trainwreck of a website to implement one there as well? :weary:

Destruction is as flat as the character winter recovery from summer months.
High sec regions again dominate the destroyed per region values.
Commodities are still dominating the ISK faucets.
Bob in J-space, this Transaction Tax explosion.
Mining looks fun already. Nearly back to pre-scarcity levels and CCP hasn’t even introduced new more ore yet. In light of these figures I would really (genuinely) love to hear what Rattati thinks about doubling the ore in the cluster.

Everything totally cool and normal.

Still no breakdown on how much ISK from the famed reserve banks goes to sov holders and how much to attackers.


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its in the data, but not shown on the chart

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So basically this is a glorified marketing tool and an exercise in job creation.

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It’s interesting to see how FRT in the Vale is starting to overtake Goons in Delve on many fronts.

Think of the MER as an unfinished toolset being used as a stopgap during the production of 60% of the next tool.

I think they realized that people were makeing 240m isk ticks in poschven, and are now doing their very best to hide that from all of eve