Monthly Economic Report - October 2021

So… Ganking in highsec, and highsec wardecs are the last fun activity to do that many are turning to because no one is in space anymore if you cant project power in a wormhole. Meanwhile vale of the Silent is farmed 24/7 by the most efficient of groups otherwise known as B.O.T.S.R.U.S. and seem invulnerable to being pointed. Mean while its a New Dawn…

Sure its on “some” but not on ones it should easily be on, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be included in ISK destroyed for example

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I hate this game. No, wait, I hate that I like this game.


that velocity of isk graph is terrible and not looking to get any better

yeap full poverty era bring on the buy isk with your credit card ccp and enjoy the game once more

For me, it’s a liquidity problem. It should be solved with more money in the system. CCP is looking to control the goods instead. I’d pay more for missions and other lower activities.

CCP took money out by making everything much more expensive.

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Also the original builder of the tool left after teaching the current operator. So there is that as well.

I ended up downloading the zip file which includes all graph images and more
Actually it’s quite useful to have these

my suggestion: rename the game to “Jita”
the focus on The Forge (= Jita) is simply much too big

“Missing” is what that whole Triglavian theft is all about. Also missing is precious time wasted detouring around missing systems. Here. You can have some garlic with my salt.

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Just 30 replies…wow.

I’d say that the Trig obscene theft of Niarja nerfed Jita, or maybe nerfed all of Amarr. Depends.

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The plex thing essentially poured a big dose of pay to win into the game. If you have the “real” money, you can do things those who just want to sub their accounts can’t. Sure, real skill still accounts for a lot in pvp, but a fleet of Wolves will eat an equal number of rifters post haste, unless the Wolves are piloted by chimpanzees.

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Oh they wrecked hisec war decs.

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November Mer when? Please @CCP_Swift

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are we going to get a November MER @CCP_Swift ?

Just the raw data will be fine for me, i can then put it into my works in

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no November or December one?

No Mer November.

For those waiting for the November (and December!) MER - there is a slight technical delay. As soon as those are resolved, and as soon as I have an update, will be sure to post ASAP


cooking the numbers probably