Monthly Economic Report - September 2021

Hallojsa alle caspulerer!

The Economic report for the month of September 2021 is now available for your viewing pleasure! As always, the raw data can be downloaded by clicking on this link .

With great data comes great fiscal responsibility. Act accordingly.




Good job sir.

One only wonders what things will look like once we actually get all the infrastructure rebuilt in Delve/Fountain/Querious/Period Basis…

BTW, why isn’t Period Basis on the totals this month, even if it’s a bunch of 0s?

I’ll check with CCP Larrikin, will ping you back Arrendis.

ty! :slight_smile:

link is broken


Give it a few, they might be re-running the script to get the missing data in there.

404 Alliance Not Found was a fun group, but this boring 404 message for the MER is not fun. :joy:

Well, well, well. Would CCP please heed their own lofty words for once? :rofl:


Lol, the link is broken for me too… unless the new monthly report = 404 Tritanium was mined :slight_smile:

Edit: Wow that was a quick fix. Thank you CCP - the link is now working.

Sorry y’all, the URL got changed for a moment when we were adding some tags (I’m a rusty dude coming back from paternity leave <3).
Should be up now, thanks for the heads up.


@CCP_Fleebix i think you already know what i’m going to say at this point, still no Pochven on some of the graphs that should list it :frowning:

Been what, 5 months since i first brought it up?

Should i just stop hoping CCP will finally recognise that they created a new region?


This might be a silly question - on the Production vs Destruction graph, why is Production = red, and Destruction = blue?

(I’m asking because in other graphs, for example, imports and faucets are blue, while sinks and export are red.)

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A high sec region with the most destroyed value in the entire cluster. :thinking:
A high sec/low sec mixed region with the most mined value. :thinking:
But Delve on top with most bounties farmed. :star_struck:
But Amarr market value going down and down and down. :weary:
And commodities and trigs still ruling the faucets. :joy:
And destroyed value is finally back below mined value, back in the gutter where it belongs. :heart_eyes: Speaking of which: It is funny that the destroyed value has never really gone up and instead stayed steady or decreased even over the last years.

all in all: this looks extremely healthy.

Still no word on how much Reserve Bank ISK landed in the hands of attacker and how much in the hands of ihub owners to gauge the effectiveness of this feature.

And Period Basis is still missing.

We made this!

–Gadget helped

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Here is a Powerpoint of the September 2021 MER images for your easy reading: Dropbox - September 2021 - EVE MER.pptx - Simplify your life


If only CCP Fleebix (or whoever works on the website and keeps making it worse) would implement a lightbox for pictures … LIKE THE GOD DAMN FORUM ALREADY HAS!

It’s my understanding that this is a result of a lowsec consortium securing those lowsec systems and using rorqs to mine the belts, ice, and moons, as well as doing a fair amount of subcap moon-mining in the 0.5s.

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Please sir @CCP_Fleebix sir, Omist has been missing for months, now Period Basis is also missing from mining / desctruction / npc bounties.


4 months I think. I’m poking the authorities.