Monthly Economic Report - October 2023

Greetings Excel-ing Capsuleers,

The Monthly Economic Report for October is ready for your review.

You can find the downloadable data for last month’s report in the following LINK .



Great, more ‘light’ reading


Don’t we love this light reading material?

On that note, WTH is going on with Metropolis trade balance? I can’t make anything out of it. 21T leaving Metropolis. Fine, but we are running multi-trillion trade balance for years now. Were does that stuff come from? It ain’t manufacture. I doubt it is LP store that is driving this difference. I also doubt our stockpiles are THAT deep. And I seriously doubt we had 21T+ of mission loot last month, and all of it exported at that (I know, I buy loads of it myself). What am I missing?

Its probably all the people running fillament sites after CCP kicked them out of Jita into the only 0.5 trade hub.

@CCP_Zelus Can’t read the graphs at 100%, and when zoomed in, the blur… the blur !
Pretty much a useless report, unfortunately.

at 100%

zoomed in

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Where is the abyssal activation chart?

You can move around zoomed in graph with left mouse button.

Due to weight of Jita in all trade activities, trade balance and market trades charts are always Jita one color and others another color. You cannot compare regions to each other. It would be better to use log (logarithm) of the values instead directly using them or you can exlude Jita from the number range used to color the regions.

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If it is garbage at 100%, whatever way you zoom in is also garbage. The 100% image above was taken exacltly like that, I opened the image in a tab, kept the browser zoom at 100 % and clicked the the + magnifying glass, meaning it was the native image at native resolution. The zoom in image was taken by using the browser zoom on top of it.

Here it is, as I Saved the image using the contextual menu (left click)
Result : same crap.
Testing it yourself before giving your reply would have take you the same time as your reply, BUT you would have save me the time to put it in your face. So please in the future test your ideas before wasting people’s time.


You have to left-click the picture first to load it into the lightbox gallery, and then right click open it in a new tab.


Looks like we talked past each other. Don’t use browser zoom in for this image. Left click on it. Then use mouse scroll to zoom in.

The image is very readable that way.

Maybe, or maybe it is because I use the website correctly and have no issues with the readability of the image. Ultra HD resolution + 15 inch screen may be the cause of no issues with it.

Dang, code 18 on my side, my bad (and your answer is way too polite with garbage angry forumer like me)
I did right click right away on the MER to open/save the image, not “left click” first.

the “lightbox” thing (if that is the proper name of the tool") is fine and all to look at the image in the current tab, but I still think the image should be made readable straight from the MER if I right-click open image in new tab.
Thak you and @Dyver_Phycad


The main thing I notice, though I’m not sure its mentioned in the actual report, is that player concurrency has risen significantly. It wasn’t that long ago that it was in the doldrums around 22K…but lately I’ve seen it at 33K and as I write this it is at 27K.

Which is good.


I’m just happy that they added the lightbox gallery finally so that I don’t have to open pictures in new tabs to view larger versions.

I did notice an uptick as well only during the last three months. Most times I logged in was between 20k and 25k but now I’m also seeing 28k and 32k.
That’s encouraging. I really hope that EvE can regain its former player numbers. I feel that the devs are really trying to do things right and should be encouraged, not heartlessly criticized.

You can run T6s filaments 4j from Jita, t3s 1j from Jita, t4s and t5s 2j. Almost no one does filaments in Hek.


The only filaments people do in Hek, that I know of, are for the daily sp - if someone can be arsed to do it.

They are extremely low res, yes. I can read them, but it’s not sharp.

@CCP_Swift or whoever deals with this.

The hell is a ‘‘lightbox gallery’’?

I’m saving the image at its full res on my computer (Mac) and it’s still bad.