Monthly Economic Report - November 2023

Greetings Excel-ing Capsuleers,

The Monthly Economic Report for November is ready for your review.

You can find the downloadable data for last month’s report in the following LINK .



Tinfoil hats for sale below Jita market price in Zarzakh. :smirk:

Also first. :popcorn: :innocent:


What a shame that you did not include the 1DQ1 clone heist in this MER in a special Destroyed Assets category. Real shame,


Like every month: Too much Ice from afk/bots in HighSec. Too few Ore/Ice mining in Lowsec. Solutions are easy:

  • no static icebelts any more, afk-massmultiboxers and bots shouldn’t rely on the fact that they can log in, undock 20 hulks and just erase a belt convenient in half an hour, putting all the money/resources into one guy’s pockets.

  • split the ice amount from the static belts into randomly spawning ice anomalies (directly warpable) of smaller size and scannable ice sigs of larger size with some higher quality ice. Give active and motivated mining corps an edge over semi-afk massmultiboxers and bots.

  • do the same for lowsec with the high-quality ice/ore belts, plus adding “abandoned ORE mining outpost” sigs with high quality Ores in a deadspace pocket that can’t be hotdropped. This would encourage people to do mining-expeditions that are worth the endeavour if you can survive. The need to scan them first and the need to take a gate before warping in would allow the miners to defend themselves with paying attention, leaving a scout or suicicetackler behind to evac their fleet on one hand, but also allow hunters to prepare ambushes by pre-scanning the sites so they can sneak in with a cloaked ship without probes being shown and/or using recons to keep the Dscan empty. Interesting interaction for both sites is possible.


Would also be interesting to see income per character density. WHs are printing isk like crazy while supporting a very small population.

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Good to see a reversal of ISK velocity from increased trade and other activities.

I still cannot find any information on the impact of the Paragon ship purchases, how much does this contribute? The ships are not destroyed (Destruction) but removed from Supply, correct?

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