Monthly Economic Report - March 2024


The Monthly Economic Report for February is ready for your review.

You can find the downloadable data for last month’s report in the following LINK .



Thank you for continuing to produce these.


Like every month: Too much Ice from afk/bots in HighSec. Too few Ore/Ice mining in Lowsec. Solutions are easy:

  • no static icebelts any more, afk-massmultiboxers and bots shouldn’t rely on the fact that they can log in, undock 20 hulks and just erase a belt convenient in half an hour, putting all the money/resources into one guy’s pockets.

  • split the ice amount from the static belts into randomly spawning ice anomalies (directly warpable) of smaller size and scannable ice sigs of larger size with some higher quality ice. Give active and motivated mining corps an edge over semi-afk massmultiboxers and bots.

  • do the same for lowsec with the high-quality ice/ore belts, plus adding “abandoned ORE mining outpost” sigs with high quality Ores in a deadspace pocket that can’t be hotdropped. This would encourage people to do mining-expeditions that are worth the endeavour if you can survive. The need to scan them first and the need to take a gate before warping in would allow the miners to defend themselves with paying attention, leaving a scout or suicidetackler behind to evac their fleet on one hand, but also allow hunters to prepare ambushes by pre-scanning the sites so they can sneak in with a cloaked ship without probes being shown and/or using recons to keep the Dscan empty. Interesting interaction for both sites is possible.


You don’t get more mining in low sec with that either. It’s simply not worth it, even if the resources paid 10x the current value.

This is testament to that claim. Even though low sec has bottleneck ores, next to no one is mining there.

Heck, even R64s in low sec are completely abandoned.


They really like to mine in Delve


And Vale of the Silent. Someone should so something about that.

Must be because it’s so easy to mine in Lowsec.

So, asteroids/comets/omahuaua or whatever the name of that recent one was - the one shaped like a cigar… don’t they have ice/h20 in some of them? The “tail” is what makes the trail flowing out behind them when they are seen flying through space? Why not stop all this nonsense of static ice belts, and start giving a certain amount/percentage of ice when mining certain belts or ores? and ALSO have randomly spawning Ice belts for mining? The ice you randomly get will have some (%) chance to gain ice from it as well, (% - ice gathered chance) raises a little bit depending on skills etc?

I mean, please just hear me out here: lol… OK: all of the miners/rig workers in the movie “Armageddon” who were “THE” Miners, “THE One’s” or
“THE Best Rig Workers EVER Mmk” were great at what they did, better than everyone else - that’s why they were picked to go out onto this asteroid and MINE IT, drill the heck out of it right? Yes? Clearly they had Ice Harvesting LVL 5, plus Ice Specialization skill of at least LVL 3??? Or was it because of the daughter? You know, Steven Tylers daughter? OK OK it’s her fault, ANYWAY - Yah, seems like a good thing to me. Basically: While mining, there is a small % chance you will get bits, parts or even chunks of ice as well ON TOP OF the ore you normally would get. IDK, seems alright to me.

You could do some kind of random spawning system so that people, even multiboxers with fleets of 20 Hulks can’t just sit in the same system and undock every 24 hours to take all the ICE and then dock again and log off? Gotta be something that would make it work… Eh? LIV TYLER that’s her name… dang that took me a minute… xD

What do you think?

  • Get random amounts bits/chunks/parts of ice while mining other ores?
  • Ice randomly spawns in systems where wormholes from Pochven open (Wormhole-caused freezation popsicles of sorts of the nearby asteroid belts - random % chance, of course)?
  • Alien ships flyby from unknown parts of space, while the alien super-spaceships fly past asteroid belts venting some kind of liquid out of it’s hull (is that Ice, peepee or is that Mt. Dew?! By God we shall find out!!.. to infinity, and beyond!! <cough)?
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Anyway - who knows…
Can’t wait for DLSS 3.5? I think that’s coming soon…
Keep on keepin’ on - Fly dangerous if you choose, or fly safe my dear fellows!
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Of course, because Lowsec is Instacurbstomp Hotdropland™. All spots where you can mine currently (belts, moons, anos) can be directly warped to and thus you have to assume every unknown char in local is just another cyno-alt for the curbstomp club. Which means you have to evac instantly if anyone enters the local. No wonder no one mines there. Thus the suggestion to create mining signatures that can only be probed to access them and to give them a gate to a deadspace pocket where you cannot open cynos. Expedition-Style mining ops can be started, like people do them in WH space all the time. I can see no drawback in it, even if it is rarely used - every motivation to leave highsec to try these sites (even if it’s only in Ventures or Endurances) helps.

However, thats only one side of the coin. The other side is to reward activity and mobility. The current fixed ice belts only reward mass multiboxers and botters who have a pre-setup fleet in one system and only log in, undock everything, warp to the belt and start all the lasers. And then within 30 minutes like 2b of Ice value is in their pockets while the little newbro corp can’t even finish one roid. Splitting this up enables active and smaller/newer corps to claim a lot more from the cake, especially if you have to scan the best sites first. Massmultiboxers hate nothing more than effort, so they will suffer the most from such a change, which is absolutely intentional.


Wow, incursion isk is really down this month - and so is moon mining in the Citadel… what is even going on??

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Delve is another Jita :slight_smile:

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Puts on safety googles
Straps in
Maybe lowsec shouldn’t have capitals outside JFs… Maybe it’s not healthy for the game. Maybe low sec should be a viable next step for people seeking to “graduate” from high sec, and maybe their hopes & dreams for all activities besides station games (and FW plexing) shouldn’t be crushed by the looming threat of people suddenly teleporting to them.

Where’s the risk vs reward here? It doesn’t make sense that the stronger reward ships in the game are also the safest.

Or maybe cynos should be restricted somehow. More grids in low sec could forbid cynos for instance.

Either way, then you would start seeing more low sec activities in that monthly report. 'Cause the hotdropers sure as **** aren’t contributing much to the economy.

Yah, maybe carebears should be invulnerable everywhere.

Hello @CCP_Bee (.___.)/

I would be very grateful if some economic data for the Zarzakh system can be included in future monthly economic reports. Its a growing market that’s seeing more activity over time and seeing some numbers on it would go a long way in legitimizing the market in that part of New Eden.


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