Monthly Economic Report - May 2024

Greetings spreadsheet ready capsuleers!

The Monthly Economic Report for May is ready for your review.

For those of you looking to get your hands on the raw data for your own use- you can find the downloadable data for last month’s report in the following LINK .

We look forward to seeing what mischief you all get up to during the next expansion!



Yippee kay yay


Like every month: Too much Ice from afk/bots in HighSec. Too few Ore/Ice mining in Lowsec. Solutions are easy:

  • no static icebelts any more, afk-massmultiboxers and bots shouldn’t rely on the fact that they can log in, undock 20 hulks and just erase a belt convenient in half an hour, putting all the money/resources into one guy’s pockets.

  • split the ice amount from the static belts into randomly spawning ice anomalies (directly warpable) of smaller size and scannable ice sigs of larger size with some higher quality ice. Give active and motivated mining corps an edge over semi-afk massmultiboxers and bots.

  • do the same for lowsec with the high-quality ice/ore belts, plus adding “abandoned ORE mining outpost” sigs with high quality Ice/Ore in a deadspace pocket that can’t be hotdropped. This would encourage people to do mining-expeditions that are worth the endeavour if you can survive. The need to scan them first and the need to take a gate before warping in would allow the miners to defend themselves with paying attention, leaving a scout or suicidetackler behind to evac their fleet on one hand, but also allow hunters to prepare ambushes by pre-scanning the sites so they can sneak in with a cloaked ship without probes being shown and/or using recons to keep the Dscan empty. Interesting interaction for both sites is possible.


Or just do what I do. Bump their Orca 100km outside of the ice anom. Too far away to boost, and not far enough away to warp back to the anom. They have no choice but to warp to a station and warp back to the ice anom, at which point I immediately bump them out of it again until they finally give up. Problem solved.


Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with multibox mining as long as you aren’t botting.

I like this MER in particular.

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There used to be a group in the past that did stuff like that. I can’t remember their name for the life of me. :thinking:

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Assistance Group. They were quite hilarious. I tagged along with them several times.

Their schtick was that they were simply trying to help train you for the “tunnel snakes”, lol.

I at least give them a chance. If they answer me in local, and orbit the asteroids, everything is muy bueno. If not, they get punted.

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Jeez the amount mined in low and wormholes pales in comparison to the rest its nuts.

There isn’t any incentive to mine in low or wormholes. Both are killing fields. It simply isn’t worth the effort.


Yea true I guess the risk is way higher and reward is lower than other places, its fine that null is getting all the resources after this patch but low/wh needs a buff to their resources as well.

No we just need more gankers, pls @Aiko_Danuja hire some new boys.


Both areas got more resources in the past, especially low sec with the bottlenecks. To no one’s surprise, this did not cause a mining boom in low sec. More resources don’t mean more activity if the surrounding circumstances prevent this. A good example for how to improve mining in low sec is actually gas. Aridia and Lonetrek, for instance, rake in ungodly amounts of gas. Simple reason: Gas is only available in signatures, not anomalies or beacons. It requires extra effort to get to the miners in gas sites. You could do the same with some mineral content in low sec to make it a bit safer to mine ores in low, but not completely infeasible to engage the miners (unlike Athanor mining).


I mean I tried it a few times in a prospect and venture (not worth it at all) the income at max rate was like 65mil an hour requires full attention becuase of cloaky t3c’s getting to 0 and in scram range without counter play, semi countered by scanned sites like you say but then there is more the bay fills with only 10mil isk in it in 10 min and you waste so much time moving back and forward ontop of that the dark orche asteroid finishes incredibly quickly.

So at max skills you are actually only making like 45mil/h which cannot be done semi afk, if you compare it to wormhole gas which is at a good spot at 55mil/h semi afk but you only fill the inventory space in an hour instead of 10minutes.

Low sec ore needs to imo be a bit lighter in weight for it to be more attractive as well as be in a scannable site as you say.

The biggest problem is that Low sec ore cannot be mined in a group with both boosts and compression because then it becomes a big cyno target so the only viable miners is sneaky ninja miners, unless ofc you want to make snuff’s day.


What a boring game life you have. No PvP or industry, just existence like a nat.

I’m never bored. And it’s gnat. :wink:

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Hello there, my name is Avio Yaken and Im a full-time trader for the system of Zarzakh and I’ve been leaving this feedback across the last few economic reports posted. I’d GREATLY appreciated in the future if Zarzakh can start being included in the reports.

Thank you!

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I get my pc set back up and find a ship i can bump with as an alpha, ill join ya on orca bumping

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Stabber, Fleet Stabber, Prophecy, or a Machariel. All with oversized MWD. Personally, I use a Vagabond, but that’s not available to Alpha, unfortunately.

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