Monthly Economic Report - September 2023

Hello, number-crunching Capsuleers!

The Monthly Economic Report for September is ready.

You can find the downloadable data for this last month’s report in the following LINK.

This MER includes a special separate download of the slides used in the 20 Years of Capsuleer Data presentation from the Data team at Fanfest, which you can also grab here.



Can you please ask the group that puts the MER together to add LP created in the last month, LP redeemed in the past month, and outstanding LP to the MER for each NPC corporation? LP is the second largest isk sink and funds FW, Incursions, missions, and will fund the Havoc pirate insurgencies. We simply don’t have the data to have an effective conversation with our CSM members or CCP about LP. Please give us the data to help you make Eve better.


I like that this info, more than any other in Eve, sends me off to do research to figure out what it all means and how it applies to me and others



Active ISK delta seems unusually negatively large. Accounts who subbed and logged in just for CSM voting finally leaving the count and becoming inactive?

When someone fires a missile or projectile does it count as destruction? Its technically destroyed?

If you mean ‘is ISK destroyed’ then the answer is ( surprisingly ) no. The problem is that although your ship is destroyed and gone, the ISK you bought it with is still in the game. Thus no amount of destruction in Eve actually destroys those ISK…they just pass from one account to another and destruction does not lead to there being less ISK in Eve. Though inflation can lead to them having less buying power.

Thus the only true ISK sinks are things like tax, research fees, etc, that actually permanently remove ISK from the game.


The reason i asked is because the destruction and production graph has a 4T delta. So i assume there are lots of things being destroyed that isnt being counted.

That’s called stockpiling.

But you are right that consumable items in general are not destroyed unless they are in a km. This includes bubbles (7D?), MTUs(2D?) , cyno/scan inhib (1H?), jump units (2D?)

Also I believe rigs removed are not accounted for. Only items destroyed in a killmail would.

What’s more, items in a cargo/wreck that are not picked up would not be accounted for either.

Maybe a dev can confirm ?

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