Monthly Economic Report - October 2020


The Economic Report for the month of October 2020 is now available for your viewing pleasure. You can also download the raw data by following this link.



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I’m also curious about Pochven’s inclusion.

Will it be excluded from future economic reports? Has the MER tooling just not yet been updated to include it yet? Was it dropped for bad data reasons?


How is no one at CCP seeing this as a bad thing? you guys do realize players making ISK to play the game, is PART of the game right? You know, that whole SELF SUFFICIENT thing you guys don’t like. Its those ISK making activities that generate satisfaction in playing, generate friendships, generate conflicts, and most important it fuels PVP!

Now more then ever CCP is showing they DO NOT understand their own game. Ships are AMMO, reduce ISK and reduce everything, you know what you get? NOTHING! because people stop playing.


The blue destruction line and the red production line must cross. Thus it has been written.


you see it clear: blue is good, red is bad.

They won’t, and probably can’t, really. You know what doesn’t get counted in the ‘destruction’ graph?

All the ammunition you fire. But it gets counted toward ‘production’! So do fuel blocks that get consumed, drugs taken, etc etc.


so all the lost drones, fighters, used jumpfuel and fuel for the stations are not counted either?

oh… i read this now. ty.

From prior explanations on how the numbers are generated, if someone kills the drone/fighter, it’s counted. If they just get left in space and auto-cleaned by DT… nope. Similarly, if fuel blocks are in a killmail, they’re counted. If they’re removed from the game because they got used, that’s not destruction. So the vast majority of fuel blocks and boosters don’t get counted, just like implants you pull out of your head to swap something else in don’t get counted.

Whole lot of tiny things, but they add up.


Still waiting for all that destruction that’s driven by scarcity…

So far, mineral prices are up (but ore prices mostly aren’t) and ship price are up.

It’s almost as if higher prices (and lower incomes) make people less willing to lose things…

…who would have thought?


Study the graphs carefully. There is way more ISK flowing into the game than flowing out. Vet players could lose most of their ISK without noticing a difference in game play. An economy like that is unsustainable. Tranquility will be like the test server where İSK means nothing unless severe measures are taken. You have to think of the big picture, beyond your daily experience.

Right…but not all players are vet players and no game has a 100% retention rate.


so basically. You guys killed Black Rise with the trig invasion. Lonetrek has more pvp than a faction warfare region that was sitting at top 5 before the invasions… And production has slowly diminished which means players are mosty likely unsubbing over the course since April… The only content in game seems highsec forge/domain and pvp in delve. Everyone else is just a lonely farmer. So when does CCP unplug the servers?

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Pointed it out for about a year ago ever since Hilmar did that dopey speech about “age of chaos” and “yanking the carpet out from under players” as if that was a good thing.

Destruction isn’t an end goal of game design. It’s a consequence of properly designing other aspects of the game. When you make artificial destruction an end goal (as CCP has foolishly done for several quarters now), all you end up doing is convincing your players that there’s no point in building resources.

The end result is shown clearly in this years MERs - production is down, mining is down, mineral prices skyrocket. Velocity of ISK is down (meaning less trading overall), and the only activitiy that’s still “up” is mindlessly farming ISK from Null and Incursions.

Other games are experiencing an increase in the play time and numbers of players logging in. Meanwhile, EVE continues to slip.

Is it doom? No, EVE will carry on for years yet. But this will be just another episode of braindead “ideas” from CCP that takes them years to recover from. Dig a spot beside WiS and Monocle-gate to (hopefully) bury this one in.


Roughly as expected from nullsec mining removal month, nullsec mining no longer exists, mineral price index is heading further beyond, only held back by CCP’s market manipulation, and… too bad it doesn’t include player count to see the most immediate result of this.

The era of sandbox is over. Jita will be renamed to Jewta, minerals will be generated there by CCP to be bought with PLEX. Welcome to Electronic Arts era, people.

Not until they run out of ideas for new skins.

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Where are you getting this idea?

Server population seems healthy.


Well, clearly CCP learned the lesson of blackout, being smacked in the face with online graph.
I bet they came ready to fake the public login count data this time, in the best communist tradition.

Also, there is a war going on. Not for long though, until MESS and mining removal breaks it.


Try to keep the tinfoil in your diet to a minimum.


Period Basis being the least mined region in all of eve is no tinfoil, I afraid.
And if you think all the people who mined in other regions in September and didn’t mine in October just stayed put, well, probably not.