Monthly Economic Report - April 2023

Hello everyone,

It is time for the Monthly Economic Report.

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@CCP_Paragon thanks :blush:

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EVE is dying.

The dev blog links to the last month’s forum topic. Just like last month and the month before that. The modern user interface of the website and the discourse forum admin panel really must be a joy to work with and be so extremely intuitive if this happens every time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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as every month: Too much Ice coming from semi-afk static belt grinding in HighSec which is mostly done by already super-rich massive multiboxing afk’lers (and for sure a lot of bots). Fix that. If you want to do the gameplay a favor remove all static icebelts. In step one you at least let them respawn in random systems, not all the time in the same system, so people have to move to follow them. In step two split them up into smaller anomalies and scannable signatures, so there is more competiton where smaller and more flexible groups can outperform massive-afk-multiboxers.


Bank robberies stats in Delve neighborhoods made me laugh :smiley:

Those ice mining fleets must make an absolute fortune in hs. I agree make them like gas sites random localtions and scannable

Regarding the ever decreasing velocity of isk, the inflation, and growing money supply…

What if CCP did a wealth tax on ISK? Say 1%-5% tax on all ISK once per month? That would incentivize people to actually use their ISK instead of hoarding it, plus it would throttle the increase in money supply.

It might piss some people off, so that might not be a good thing.

Here’s the increase in money supply:

And here is the velocity of ISK:

In other words, people are hoarding ISK. Hence, I propose a wealth tax on ISK itself to incentivize people who are hoarding it to go out there and spend it.

PS. This is a super long shot but I remember reading a story about this town? village? that imposed a wealth tax by mandating that people stick postage stamps onto their paperback money at the end of every month. I don’t remember the name of the town but if anyone knows of this study, please let me know. Been a long time and I’d love to revisit and read about it again.

Stamps are a form of legal tender so perhaps that was their reason to place it on their currency note?

Uhm yeah you’re right I remember reading about people using postage stamps as a form of tender but I’m talking about this specific town that was trying to increase the velocity of their money. I read it in a book about austrian economics. There’s so many books out there on this subject and it was an old book and I read it back 2008 so the memory of it all is obscure to me.

I just remember it was fascinating, the impact of imposing a tax on money itself pushed the pedal to the metal on the velocity of the money. I’m sure there were downsides to it because if was such a great idea, they would probably continue doing it today. But when you research wealth taxation, the majority of the problems in real life scenarios are not an issue in a video game such as eve. Take for example people with wealth fleeing the country and moving their wealth to tax havens. You can’t do that in eve. All the wealth stays in the universe and CCP is basically God when it comes to controlling the universe. If they implemented a tax on isk itself, no one would be able to hide it, nor “flee” with their wealth to another country.

The biggest concern in my mind is if people quit the game over it. I was playing Elite dangerous for awhile and one of the things they did was implement a system where if you own a carrier, slowly over time if you are offline for long enough, your carrier will get decomissioned because it drains your bank account on fuel costs. This made me stop playing; however, in eve online, if you plan on logging out of the game for awhile and take a break, and you don’t want to have your ISK get drained through an ISK tax, all you gotta do is convert your isk into something else like plex, and boom. You’re safe to take a long break from eve online.

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