Question about Jaspet

It appears that Jaspet doesn’t appear in belts in Caldari space(high or low sec).
Will it appear in Caldari space in missions, sites, plexes or anomalies? If so, hi, low, or both?

If you want to mine Jaspet, you need to go to Amarr or Gallente LowSec. Anomalies with Jaspet can show up everywhere in HighSec, but the Jaspet tends to be mined out approx. 10 minutes after down-time, so good luck!

Thanks, that’s what i wanted to know. Can you tell me which ones so I know what to block out on the scanner?

Also lowsec ores can appear in highsec anomalies, but I’m not exactly sure how that works. It’s possible that anything can spawn in any space, but don’t quote me on that.

Go to the Agency (Alt-M) and select Resource Harvesting, then go to Ore Anomalies and filter for the specific ore you’re looking for. I recommend starting in Domain and filtering for highsec only/jaspet ore type.

Thanks, I never even thought of looking in the agency

Pro tip: don’t mine ore with minerals you need. Mine what will give most isk/time, sell that ore on market and use isk you gained to buy needed minerals.

Also, as new player, don’t refine ore you mine. You waste isk that way. You will make more isk selling raw ore on market than reprocessing.

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Its not for the isk. It’s solely for making my own ammunition, being a little more self sufficient, and breaking up monotony.

Thanks for the tip, it’s useful info.

even if Lis’advice is a good one, i am happy when i find someone like Obed who says “it is not for the isks…”

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Totally agree! My advice was aimed to show common mistakes that new players/miners make. And let’s be hones, most players aim at making isk in (most) efficient way.

But I’m not gonna tell anyone how to play their sandbox. If anyone have fun playing his onw way and pursuing own goals I will always support such people and I’m glad we still have players like that.


Ore distribution and composition is changing …

Jaspit is normally a .4 or lower ore. there are much better ore’s in wormholes that give the same mineral’s as Jaspet

Except Nocxium, because that mineral became exclusive from LS

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