LoSec Ore? WHAT Lowsec Ore?

So what’s the deal with ore in Losec Asteroid belts? There isn’t any. I’ve looked, and found nothing but frustration.
I’ve used The Agency feature and looked up LoSec Asteroid Belts under Resource Harvesting. The results tell me there are ores but when I get there …NOTHING. Zero. Why are we told the LoSec belts have ores when they don’t ? Even the Anomalies have nothing. It can’t be they are all just mined out. I’ve been to too many, it’s not that. What the EFF.

Can you see any ores in belts in highsec?

yes. I have all the ores marked on the overview settings, So I do see ores in Hi Sec.

Do you have your overview filters set up correctly.

Plenty of ore in Hevrice.

Then, this assumption

is likely wrong.

Players and NPC miners will often completely clear low sec belts

They do? The belts in Hevrice and surrounding systems tend to bursting with ore.

Lasleinur and surrounding systems are also typically full.

Actually, I haven’t found a single low sec system yet that’s been mined out.

Where have you been mining?

If its within 1-2 jumps of a high sec gate, most often it will be depleted because people will get in there, mine, then warp the ore to a safe place(high sec). I go 4-5 jumps into a system that has 1-4 people in local, most often it will have full belts

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