Why are asteroid belts so small in high sec?

I just started mining in high sec with my hulk. I noticed I pop asteroids in 1 cycle. Why are the quantities of ores so small in the belts?

If you mine in really active areas, the belts will often be small because they don’t regenerate back to full size immediately. They take time for the belts to be full again.

So if a belt is depleted to nothing, a small amount initially comes back and if that is mined again, you’ll have a situation like you are seeing.

That’s the most likely situation, however if you are in a quiet, low traffic area and are still seeing this, then that could also be the after effects of the end of scarcity, because there isn’t as much to mine as there was before scarcity.

Most likely the first situation though and if you want larger asteroids, then it’s worth considering moving to quieter areas of highsec.

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Because you are mining in 0.9 / 1.0 security systems? The lower is the system security the bigger are rocks with ore.

I was in a .5 system. Think it was over mined after doing some roaming around the game. :slight_smile:

That kinda makes sense after roaming around.

Is the gank nerf working? That seems like suicide otherwise! :laughing:

I usually pay attention to my surroundings.

Now you don’t have to anymore.

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