High Sec ore respawns

Hey all.

So I’ve finally found a few systems where I can mine in peace. After downtime… what dictates how LARGE the asteroids are?

If I leave a system alone for a few days will the ore get bigger over time? (more m3 per asteroid is what I mean). If I strip-mine the whole place do the asteroids respawn with less quantity?

or perhaps it’s all completely random.


“Popping an asteroid doesn’t affect regeneration. When you mine an asteroid down, whether it be to a pebble or nothing at all, its ore gets respawned elsewhere in the EVE world. It will regenerate in your own system when it’s depleted elsewhere, though due to the mechanics of the regeneration (which I can’t go into) it may take a while for the asteroid to resume its former size. There’s no rhyme or reason to how quickly it’ll respawn; it depends completely on how much ore of that type is mined elsewhere, and where in the respawn order your belt happens to land.” - [GM]Abraxas

That was said around 2011. But from my experience in belt mining. It seams to be correct

As far I can tell. Each system/belt has it set limit of ore it can have. Once mined dry, they will respawn over time with each DT until limit is reached. But how much mined belt is doesn’t affect how much ore it will get at DT. If there is (for example) 30k veldspar allocated to belt at DT. It will get that 30k veldspar. No matter if it is mined dry or still has roids. System will add allocated resources to existing roids and repopulated one that was mined until resources allocated to that belt at DT are distributed.

So, there is no difference if you mine out belt each day or leave it for few days to “grow”. Amount of resources spawning is ‘random’ and not affected by amount mined.

I’m not good at explaining stuff, especially in english. But I hope you somehow got your answer. Also, it’s almost certain that resources distribution will be changed probably this year and probably to something similar to DBS (more you mine less you get). Keep on eye on upcoming updates if you want to invest into mining.


You explained it perfectly.

Thank you so much <3

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