Mining Asteroids

Does mining the same type of asteroid day after day from the same asteroid belt reduce the yield amount after server reset or is it just RNG?

It resets after each downtime. If you chew the last roid in a belt, it will reset to a whole different belt.

Bearing in mind that things change and my information could be out of date, last I heard things go down something like this…

Asteroid belts have a particular appearance with a certain number of asteroids of whatever types are going to be there. When you mine ore from an asteroid, that ore respawns somewhere else in New Eden at downtime. Ore mined elsewhere in New Eden may respawn in the belt you just mined.

Over time, your belt is probably going to feel depleted if you mine the same stuff out of the same one over and over. Rich fields would be ones more rarely traveled, at least until someone finds out where it is and mines the pudding out of it.

There was a long standing belief that leaving some ore in the asteroid (not ‘popping’ the 'roid, in miner parlance) would lead to a greater amount of ore being there after downtime, but I think a dev clarified this was false (a long time ago).

CCP has some weird formula for asteroids spawning after down time in High sec. If you continue to mine the same ore type day after day from the same system, the asteroids will spawn smaller or not at all. CCP thinks it force miners to move around but from what I see it only stops them form mining a day or two.

If you mining from an anomaly belt, once the belt is killed it will spawn some where else.

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