Asteroid Belts Look the Same

I initially thought asteroid belts were made the following way.

The system security and sovereignty determines the ore type and distribution. At downtime, ore is spawned in the belts using the distribution and RNG.

Except as I mined, the belts I commonly mine look familiar. Is it each system has its pre-saved belts that always spawn the same way?

I mean it’s gotten to the point I think certain belts only spawn with 1 Solid Pyoxes and 1 Viscous Pyroxes and other belts in the system have more of the “better” kind of ore for that type. Either that or the same belts rolled low three times in a row.

I don’t think it really matters a whole lot, but I think it would be nicer if the way I initially thought was correct. It would mean after downtime, you’d know the average amount of each type of ore was going to be in a belt (based on security and soveinty) rather than the exact amount. It would also make watching my ship mine a bit more interesting since each belt would be a slightly different experience generated from a different seed acting on the same distribution. It wouldn’t be a huge change, and it’s not a “urgent, fix this now” kind of thing but it’d be a nice touch.

Belts don’t just spawn with the same ratio but the rocks will be in more or less the same place. Letting you make a book mark once and keep reusing it.

Doesn’t the amount mined, make a difference in what respawns?

No just how much is inside the rocks that respawn.

That’s what I meant was the amount, I worded it wrong initially

So it will be the same rocks in the same spots they will just be smaller if the belt was mined out

Right, I thought I remembered reading that the amount in the rocks can change based on how much is mined.

I mean could be, it’s been years since I dealt with it but I’m pretty sure it’s the same amount just smaller.

However it’s based on the rocks. So if you mind every bit of ore each day except one rock. That one rock would continue to grow each day until it hit its cap

When I was in nullsec, my corp leadership encouraged us to mine the same systems repeatedly because it increases the industry index. The composition of the belts seemed to remain more or less constant, but at a certain point the system spawned more lucrative clusters with higher value ores, rather than just deposits with more common ores.

I’m not sure how it works in highsec and lowsec, but the same belts seem to spawn in the same places with the same variety. Whether or not the rocks increase or decrease in size, I don’t know.

so you needed to increase the idex to put in higher level upgrades into your IHub that is what spawned the better anoms.

it has nothing to do with the natural asteroid belts in system so has no effect in NPC null WH LS or HS

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